My Health

Assessments and screenings are about more than just knowing your numbers. With My HealthSonic Boom can help identify members that would benefit from additional services provided by their employer, or nudge members to further explore their health and wellbeing with a primary care provider or specialist. Our Health Quality Assessment, biometric screenings, and in-house coaching help to nudge each member toward the wellbeing goal that means the most to them. They can also monitor their progress over time.

Coach's Corner

My Health

We all have goals, and we could all use a coach to help us achieve them. We believe that lifestyle coaching should be inspiring, and that ANY member should have the privilege of working with a health coach. We also believe that coaches should have full transparency into members’ health habits — with an open, fluid dialogue from start to finish. So we created Coach’s Corner. It’s lifestyle coaching, reimagined.

Want to run your first half-marathon? Awesome! Our coaches can get you to the finish line. Want to reduce your stress at work? No problem — our coaches can help. Ready to start your weight-loss journey? Our team can get you there. Are you still a smoker and don’t want to be? Our coaches can help you quit. Need more convincing? Check out this Sonic Success Story from a coaching member.

Why is Coach’s Corner different?

Bye-bye, penalty box

Everyone can benefit from lifestyle coaching. Coach’s Corner is inviting and non-threatening, making all members, regardless of their health risks or wellness goals, feel welcome and inspired.

Hello, power to choose

Most vendors assign a health coach without any input from the member. Not us. Our software allows members to choose their coach based on public profiles.

Holistic focus

In addition to biometric and health-assessment data, our coaches get full transparency into members’ health habits through our proprietary administrative dashboard. They can see:

  • Real-time physical-activity stats
  • Overall program engagement
  • Progress toward coach-generated goals
  • Progress toward personal goals
  • Participation in contests/challenges
  • Progress toward company-set goals and incentives
Fluid conversations

Of course, members join regularly scheduled telephonic coaching sessions throughout the year. But what happens in between these calls? This is where Coach’s Corner shines, with ongoing status updates and digital dialogue shared between coaches and members on a regular basis. They can stay in constant contact between calls via:

  • Secure messaging
  • Proprietary tool that lets coaches know if they on or off track toward goals
  • Logged progress, which coaches can view
  • Coach-generated contests, comprising live stats and a chat function
Trained to be different

We tried to outsource coaching, but found that even the best of the rest couldn’t meet our impeccably high standards. We found we could better control the quality of coaching and integration of our unique coaching platform by bringing the entire service in-house. Coach’s Corner is now a fully proprietary service offered by Sonic Boom.

We provide personal paths and pointers based on individual risks and health needs. We also factor in personal engagement preferences and communication styles. This gives our coaches the tools they need to assess employee-health risks, set relevant goals, track progress, and provide support and encouragement along the way.

If needed, we make direct referrals to employee assistance programs, disease management programs, and other applicable third-party programming. Everything is integrated within our streamlined wellness hub — biometrics, assessments, lifestyle coaching, and incentive management — and leverages our holistic mix of wellness tools to drive overall consistency in heath-habit improvement.

Coaching Referrals

 Employee Assistance Programs

 Disease Management

 Condition Management

 Financial Planner

 Weight Watchers

 Sleep Therapy

“Since I started SBW and coaching I have lost about 37 pounds, without having a diet or gym-rat mentality.” –Antonette

Biometric Screenings

in partnership with

Our stance on screenings

You can learn about our overall position by reading our blog post about biometric screenings, but the bottom line is this:

Biometric screenings can be helpful in delivering health information to employees, as well as establishing a validated baseline for which to track employee health improvement over time. But biometric screenings should not be a standalone employee wellness program. Anyone can step on a scale, but does that make them healthier? It’s what we do in between measurements that makes all the difference; that should be the main focus of every corporate wellness program.

Our approach to screenings

You don’t need to spend your entire wellness budget on intriguing incentives to encourage employees to participate in biometric screenings. If insanely high participation is what you’re after, do this instead:


Offer employees a choice of biometric-screening methods, empowering them to choose their preferred option.


Make it as simple as possible for employees to schedule their health screening, regardless of the method they choose.


Automate communications and reminders to make sure employees know where to go and what to do.


Make sure your wellness vendor holds the biometrics partner accountable during implementation.


Use biometric screenings as a single component within your comprehensive worksite wellness program.


Read #5 again. Seriously. Screenings should be a single part of your wellness solution, not the entire thing.

Our screening options

If you want to help employees understand their numbers and track health improvements over time, we offer a one-stop shop! Screening options, scheduling tools, and results are all available in the same centralized portal as our other worksite wellness activities, social-engagement tools, challenges, and incentives.

Through our preferred partners, eHealthScreenings and Quest Diagnostics, we deliver seamless screening experiences for clients and members alike. What does this mean? Think: single billing, streamlined implementation and data management, synergized account-management services at the client level, single sign-on, simple scheduling, and plenty of helpful communications and reporting on the member side. Click the following screening options to learn more.


For larger centralized locations, nothing beats the convenience of on-site screenings. Choose between finger-stick and venipuncture draws, and standard biometric measurements are included in every screening. Employees get screened at work and usually get their results immediately, blending the ultimate mix of convenience and instant gratification.

For extra-busy employees, those who travel a lot, or geographically dispersed workers, lab-based testing saves the day. And eHealthScreenings’/Quest’s national network of labs use our online portal to schedule appointments that are easily accessible to all participants, regardless of their location. They just show up at the designated time and view their results online a couple weeks later.
Physician forms

If on-sites and lab visits will not cover 100% of employees, physician forms are the best alternative.  Members simply visit their own PCP and have them fill out the form based on their results, and scan it back in to us. We take care of the rest.
Additional services

In addition to the screening methods listed above, we also offer flu shots, cotinine add-on screenings, and comprehensive Chem 30 (eHealthScreenings) and Chem 36 (Quest) panels as optional buy-ups. Please contact us for more details.

If you have your own preferred vendor, or if you handle screenings in-house, no problem! We’re happy to step back and simply integrate the data into our platform for incentive management and/or lifestyle coaching. If you’re looking for a comprehensive offering, we’ve got you covered with multiple options, competitive rates, hands-on implementation, robust reporting, and consultative support.

Health Quality Assessment (HQA)

My Health

Our assessment of health assessments

To be honest, we aren’t huge fans of health assessments. A monetary incentive is typically required to get people to fill them out, and even then you’re left with “data” from a bunch of self-reported survey responses. So, what do you do with it? It’s okay to offer a health assessment as part of your employee wellness program; we just think it shouldn’t be the core focus.

Our HQA approach

Since many businesses do ask for health assessments, we partnered with HealthAware to deliver one that best matches our approach to behavior-changing worksite wellness. Here are some key highlights:

  • Takes just 10 minutes to complete
  • Focuses on biometric and lifestyle questions and skips the rest
  • Captures necessary core data and readiness-to-change in the most influential areas of wellness: optimal nutrition, physical activity, weight-management, and mental wellbeing
  • Provides a slick feedback report for members, including tips on how to improve their “risk” areas
  • Allows you to award any incentive you’d like for completion by a deadline
  • Can be deployed multiple times per year and is included in our standard price
  • Feeds into our My Health dashboard, allowing members to view their year-over-year stats and track progress over time
  • Feeds into Coach’s Corner, giving coaches insight to members’ current state of health and allowing for automatic recommended outreach based on scores/risks

Turn it on or off

We think our HQA is as effective as a health assessment can be. But it’s not the focus of our comprehensive wellness platform. If you like our health assessment, we’ll enable it at no extra charge. If you don’t like health assessments, or if you already use a health assessment that you like, ours can be suppressed, no problem. We’ll even integrate the data into our My Health dashboard (for members to track their progress and work toward positive changes) and incentive-management system, regardless of the vendor you use.