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Without a keen understanding of behavior change and what motivates it, vendors cannot facilitate it. That’s where we come in. With unlimited tailorable contests, social challenges, and scienced-backed gaming mechanics, Sonic Boom is the meeting point of practical application and engagement best practices. Together with your teams, we create programs that cater to your specific population needs, both at the company and employee levels. So how do we do that?


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Attention spans dwindle daily, and it’s estimated that humans see more than 6,000 ads per day. It’s hard to stand out among the noise. Our platform modules keep that in mind with unique funtionalities that keep things fresh and facilitate connection through recognition, common ground, and healthy competition. 

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Incentive management

The 2023 Kelly Global Re:work Report cited that today’s workforce feels unloved, overworked, and overlooked when it comes to their jobs. Thoughtful, agile incentive management programs can help reverse that trend, when implemented strategically and with the end user in mind. Reward shouldn’t be the sole reason a member logs into their program, but they can be a perk of that program. Sonic Boom works to ensure that each client’s rewards design complements the effectiveness of their wellbeing solution, not overrides it.

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My Health

Assessments and screenings are about more than just knowing your numbers. With My HealthSonic Boom can help identify members that would benefit from additional services provided by their employer, or nudge members to further explore their health and wellbeing with a primary care provider or specialist. Our Health Quality Assessment, biometric screenings, and in-house coaching help to nudge each member toward the wellbeing goal that means the most to them. They can also monitor their progress over time.

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