Clients Rave

Anyone can talk up their own services and capabilities – here’s where we let our clients do the talking…

We are so pleased with the outcome!

I feel kind of “high maintenance,” and want you to know that we at Symetra truly appreciate how everyone in Mission Control always pays extra attention to our company’s cultural needs. You always go the extra mile for us … thank you!

Ellen Stone

Our account-management team always works with us to create the best experience…

Our Account Manager and Account Coordinator are simply the best. That seems to be the rule rather than the exception at Sonic Boom. Customer Service is very quick to respond to any questions or issues that arise and they always manage to do it with a smile!

There is such an overwhelming sense of teamwork that I genuinely look forward to our biweekly calls. Our account-management team always works with us to create the best experience for our employees – whether it’s creating fun new contests, marketing / communication strategies, or just brainstorming ideas to boost engagement. They take into account our suggestions and feedback – we really feel like they take the time to listen to us and do their best to implement them into our program.

Lorean Mapp

A fresh approach to boosting engagement.

Despite our best efforts, participation within our previous program was low. We had built a more-or-less “clinical” solution on our own, but it was extremely manual to implement and tough to come up with creative activities that our employees enjoyed doing (and that actually improved their health habits). In just a few short months, Sonic Boom is already making a big difference. I’m constantly blown away by the stellar service we receive from our awesome account-management team – they’re highly consultative, and we often adopt the creative ideas they suggest for challenges, communications, promotions, and overall program design. Each month brings new ideas and a fresh approach to boosting engagement. Our Sonic Boom team is in constant contact with us, and they’re quick to resolve any issues that arise – even if it’s just answering a simple question about the platform. Add in the fact that the platform is fun, fully customizable, and easy to use, and I’d say we found the perfect partner for our wellbeing strategy.

Sandy Fuller
Sheridan Memorial Hospital

We have the best account manager we could’ve hoped for…

Sonic Boom Rocks. It’s a great program that’s fun, easy to use, and keeps us all motivated and thinking of our health on a daily basis. And the staff at Sonic Boom is outstanding! We have the best account manager we could’ve hoped for – with quick responses, a constant smile in her voice, and heavy attention to detail across all of our needs (program design, marketing, calendar modifications, research, incentive consultation, contest best-practices … you name it). And probably most importantly, they make my team look good in front of the rest of the City! We’re long-time Boomers, and we look forward to building even more momentum in the coming years.

Barbara Davis, PHR, SHRM-CP
City of Wheat Ridge

It’s amazing to see how this program alone has really boosted morale!

We’ve been with Sonic Boom since 2009, and we remain beyond impressed with the Sonic Boom program!  We have nearly 100% participation, and everyone here is loving the Challenge-of-the-Day.  We have calendars hung up throughout the office, and people are leaving stickies on them with their own personal challenges and comments to one another – it’s amazing to see how this program alone has really boosted morale!  Not to mention the health benefits.  We’ve seen a huge change in the way people are thinking about food, exercise, and their overall health and wellbeing.  They’re definitely paying attention, and it’s had a profound effect on the entire company.  This is definitely unlike any other wellness program out there; we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Patrick Casinelli
Cavignac & Associates

Your organization and staff continue to impress!

I hate to continue to “gush,” but Bree’s responsiveness and patience with our multiple requests is always fantastic. Now add her creativity to her list of talents, and she’s amazing.

And your organization and staff continue to impress! I was struck by what great telephone and customer service skills ALL of your staff exhibit. Do you guys train them or are they genetically engineered that way? As always, thanks for making my job easier.

Rick Stull
Colorado Springs School District 11

“In the last year our medical expense is down 10% per benefit participant and a big contributor to that success is our association with Sonic Boom.”

Dennis F.
Super Store Industries, Inc.

“Our company has had a lot of fun with the Sonic Boom contests, and they have created some very competitive people. The real positive is that in all of our divisions we have seen people transform from sedentary lifestyles to very active ones. We have some great real life health transformation stories as a result of Sonic Boom.”

Janet W.
Super Store Industries, Inc.

“All in all we have received very positive feedback about Sonic Boom…key people/ opinion leaders told us that this is so far the best HR activity JSR has ever sponsored.”

Theresa R.
JSR Micro

It has radically changed a number of our staff…

Sonic Boom is a fun, exciting, and most importantly an inspirational program for PHC. It has radically changed a number of our staff and has created friendships that normally wouldn’t have been formed if it wasn’t for the program. Walking groups from different walks of life and different departments have been produced thanks to Sonic Boom. Our account manager has truly been a God send. She has helped me think outside the box and has created many fun and innovative challenges that keep the program alive at PHC. Sonic Boom is now part of our Health and Wellness culture and has truly changed our company for the good!

Von Parsario
Partnership HealthPlan of California

Sonic Boom has since helped re-energize our program…

We were in our 5th year with Sonic Boom and, despite it being a fun and robust program, we could see that our employees were starting to lose steam. We approached our Sonic Boom account-management team about it, and they totally saved the day. Sonic Boom has since helped re-energize our program across the board, and we’re super-happy campers entering our 6th year as enthusiastic Boomers.

Sue Grove
Roland DGA

It has totally changed the atmosphere here at ESI

This entire program has been a smashing success. It has totally changed the atmosphere here at ESI. On any given day, you will see at least half of our employees (including our CEO, and senior management) out walking at the breaks – 10 and 3 – and at lunchtime. The groups that are gathered are employees from every department – laughing and enjoying their time outside. It has been great fellowship time! The Steps Leaderboard has been a great competition – stirring people on to wellness. The Challenge of the Days are the topic at the water cooler. Whether it is an exercise challenge, a nutrition challenge – or just learning something they didn’t know – it is the talk of the day. Our employees are also enrolling their spouses so that they have a competition at home in addition to the competition at work.

I want to thank you for the always awesome customer service, and for all that you do at Sonic Boom in making ESI a healthier and happier place to work! I love you all – you are changing lives

Becki Veal