Clients Rave

Anyone can talk up their own services and capabilities – here’s where we let our clients do the talking…

Sonic Boom Wellness is brilliant…

Sonic Boom Wellness is brilliant.  Their team and product is top of the line in every way – they are light-speed responsive, they anticipate our needs before we even know them, they are insanely professional and employ a team of smart-creatives and, their product is so customizable it’s truly unparalleled (while also being grounded in best practices/science).  Senior Resource Group couldn’t be happier with our partnership with Sonic Boom and we know our 4,500 employees would agree!



Dr. Sarah Matyko, OTD, OTR/L, CDE, CPT
Senior Resource Group

She absolutely made my day…

The support Sonic Boom Wellness provided for our sign-up event helped it become a huge success! One team member was especially helpful. We spent the 2-3 weeks prior preparing and planning for this sign-up event. On the morning of the event, we found out the sign-up and reset password option for the website was down. We made our first call into Sonic Boom. We were so discouraged, wondering if all of our efforts would come to a halt. Then, I spoke with a SBW team member on the phone, and what did she do? She was willing AND able to help every single time we called in, ensuring that every single person who wanted to sign up or sign in and needed to reset their password was able to access their account successfully. There was no, “Oh, let me look into it. I will call you back,” no “Here’s your ticket number, so sorry.” She helped every single one and even stayed on the phone with me while I would go hunt down team members who were on their break or lunch. She made my day, absolutely made my day. If it wasn’t for her, all of our efforts would have returned null. I am so very thankful for her.


Ryan Guariglia

The Sonic Boom team is consistently accommodating…

The Sonic Boom team has taken our ideas for a holistic wellness program and created a comprehensive and engaging experience. Not only has employee-wellness participation increased compared to our previous vendor, but I also receive frequent positive feedback about the program. The Challenge-of-the-Day is particularly popular.

The Sonic Boom team is consistently accommodating and responsive when it comes to everything – from creating communications materials, to reporting, to brainstorming ways to engage participants in their wellness, and most importantly, providing Sonic Support.


Anne Remington
Washington and Lee University

Our account-management team always works with us to create the best experience…

Our Account Manager and Account Coordinator are simply the best. That seems to be the rule rather than the exception at Sonic Boom. Customer Service is very quick to respond to any questions or issues that arise and they always manage to do it with a smile!

There is such an overwhelming sense of teamwork that I genuinely look forward to our biweekly calls. Our account-management team always works with us to create the best experience for our employees – whether it’s creating fun new contests, marketing / communication strategies, or just brainstorming ideas to boost engagement. They take into account our suggestions and feedback – we really feel like they take the time to listen to us and do their best to implement them into our program.

Lorean Mapp

We have the best account manager we could’ve hoped for…

Sonic Boom Rocks. It’s a great program that’s fun, easy to use, and keeps us all motivated and thinking of our health on a daily basis. And the staff at Sonic Boom is outstanding! We have the best account manager we could’ve hoped for – with quick responses, a constant smile in her voice, and heavy attention to detail across all of our needs (program design, marketing, calendar modifications, research, incentive consultation, contest best-practices … you name it). And probably most importantly, they make my team look good in front of the rest of the City! We’re long-time Boomers, and we look forward to building even more momentum in the coming years.

Barbara Davis, PHR, SHRM-CP
City of Wheat Ridge