Point Solutions: Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater

by Mar 16, 2020

We’re hearing a lot of talk about point solutions these days – the ones that offer specialized programs for people with specific risks, like Livongo and Omada. We’re huge fans of these programs, and are excited to integrate with any of them that our clients choose. The problem is that we’re hearing a lot of people say that since “corporate wellness doesn’t work,” they’re going to use point solutions instead. 

First, we agree that “corporate wellness doesn’t work” – when it’s just a check-the-box-to-get-your-goodies program, or when it’s overly simplistic. In fact, we’ve written a blog with that exact title that you may want to check out. But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! A robust, engaging, and energized wellness program that ties into a good point solution is golden. Create a personalized action plan for someone who has been identified with a specific risk – tie it to an incentive program if you want – and you now have a cohesive, synergistic approach that is not only likely to yield positive health results, but will also drive engagement to previously underutilized programs. 

Sometimes we’re asked if we have point solutions in place, and the answer is, “We can integrate with any point solution, and do so every day.” If we hitch our wagon to one horse and that horse gets acquired or goes out of business, it’s been for naught – so instead, we choose to integrate with our clients’ point solutions of choice. The desired level of integration varies, as well. Some clients are just looking for a hyperlink or SSO connection – others want to incorporate incentives, rewarding for participation – and others enjoy our high-touch communications and promotions, which drive greater utilization. 

We’re interested in your feedback. Is there a reason we should hitch our wagon to a specific horse? Because we’re going back-and-forth on that one. Is there a point solution we may not be aware of? Enlighten us. We’re all about collaboration and consultation, so your input is even more important to us than getting our own word out.