Social content vs. social connection: A vital distinction for wellness-program success

by May 15, 2020

Lots of wellness vendors have social content, and it’s everywhere on the internet.  Social content is just content that encourages people to do things together or to share photos or sentiments, such as words, images, videos, and memes.  But social connection is different.  It elicits action and emotion – not one-way sharing, but interactively connecting at a deeper level.

Today more than ever before, people are seeking social connection, both in person and – often out of necessity – virtually. 

Workplace-wellness programs encourage improved behaviors and increase employee happiness, health, and productivity. Everyone has different ideas about how to accomplish this, but most agree that high-quality content is at least a part of good programming.  While content is certainly important, a real change-making wellness vendor creates the magic of inspiring genuine connections between coworkers, their friends and families, and the higher-ups that sign their checks.

Not everyone is a social-media type.  That’s why creating social networking within an employee-wellness program has to be done in a way that’s unintimidating, and in a way that motivates and encourages people to share or join in. People have to feel safe and supported, while nudging the sideline-sitters to contribute.

When it comes to the social aspects of a wellness program, employees should have the opportunity to spend time making connections instead of simply consuming content. They should be encouraged to look for action and inspiration to unite with others. Just like your favorite dating app – there’s plenty of content at your fingertips. But only you can decide who’s actually looking for a connection – who deserves a swipe right.