Sonic Boom Wellness: All fluff?

by Feb 19, 2019

Oh come on – you’ve thought the same thing at one point or another, haven’t you?  I mean really – we founded our oh-so-disruptive-at-the time company based on the tagline, “Wacky Wellness Works” – on the premise that making corporate wellness fun and social would drive more engagement, which would translate into sustainable health-habit improvement. And it did!  But the marketplace has grown up, and so have we. We’re still fun, but we’re not cartoony anymore.  Some of you may remember our mascot “Boomer,” who wore a cape and mask and whose mission it was to improve the lives of everyone, knocking out one bad health habit at a time.   Today we enhance our client-partners’ culture with customized portals and communications. We offer more than just challenges. Sure, we have the most customizable and stimulating challenges in the industry, so we “get” why people sometimes think we’re a challenge vendor.  But we’re fully comprehensive with all the clinical components including:
  • Biometric Screenings. Our platform is all about energized, socially contagious activities that will actively improve health habits. But we also know that biometric measurements can help members identify a baseline health status and encourages them to monitor progress over time. Our Biometric Screenings, in partnership with Quest and eHealth, include on-site, lab, and physician-form options and create a seamless experience for scheduling and reporting.
  • In-house coaching (telephonic/digital). With in-house coaching we’re able to seamlessly tie our coaches’ suggestions to our program’s capabilities – eliminating the critical time between a coaching call and action. Check out our coaching satisfaction scores!
  • Health assessment. Our (admittedly unconventional) Health Quality Assessment takes only 5 minutes, and leads members through a series of quantitative health questions. We skip the fluff and get right to the core data. And if you’re not into our approach to health assessments, you have the power to turn this feature off completely and/or use your own.
  • 100% customizable incentive-management system. Our incentive management system can operate as a standalone strategy, or be integrated with your customized program. We offer unlimited activities and currencies, and can tie incentives to outcomes or create contingency-based rewards.
  • Integration with any partner. We’re happy to work with your preferred partners for a more comprehensive, synergistic experience for employees.
Need outcomes/contingency-based rewards with external validation?  No problem. We already mentioned that our incentive-management system is 100% customizable – but what many people don’t realize is that we can reward on outcomes or improvement, with validation from third-party vendors.  Want one segment to see certain rewards while other segments see their own system?  Of course.  Looking for several ways to validate that activities are completed?  Obviously.  Need to work around compliance issues?  Duh.  Thankfully, not only is our platform inherently made to allow for reasonable accommodation, but our account-management team is comprised of compliance experts. Members enjoy a personalized experience. Creating a relevant program is key to sustaining someone’s interest.  It’s like going to a buffet – if you don’t like what’s offered you may pick a couple of things out, but you’re probably not going to go back to that buffet.  If, however, the buffet has some of your to-die-for favorites, you’re more likely to indulge.  That’s where Sonic Boom comes in. Our “digital navigator” provides direction and actionable nudges to groups or individuals based on their unique wellness journey, whether that is defined as risk stratification or personal preference. We don’t make promises we can’t keep. Our program isn’t for everyone – and that’s okay. We’re not one-size-fits-all – we create energized, personalized, and innovative wellness programs, and we work with our partners to create unique promotional plans and communications that set us up for mutual success. We’re highly consultative, and will share our best practices with you – we’ll also tell you what you can expect and work with you to develop a program that works for your population(s). The proof is in the value. Claims of impressive ROI numbers can be misleading when it comes to wellness. While we understand the need to “prove” that the program is working – and we’ll provide reporting wherever we can – we remind clients that focusing on VOI (Value on Investment) is important, too.  We look at our ability to drive engagement that results in happier, more productive employees, fewer sick days taken, improved employee morale, and coworker connectedness – none of which can be measured with simple numbers – but they all have a huge impact on your bottom line. We may be known for our outside-the-box thinking – and we always will be. But we’ve also grown up over the past 13 years to become one of the most effective wellness programs on the market. When was the last time you checked out our program? Come see what’s changed – and what hasn’t – at Sonic Boom.