Our top-10 Challenges-of-the-Day in 2020

by Feb 24, 2021

Our Challenges-of-the-Day (CODs) are one of the most popular aspects of our wellness program. Each day, our members have access to a health-related challenge, which offers them a tidbit of health info and an opportunity to apply it to their life. Topics range from exercise to sleep, nutrition, finance, stress, and much more. We took a look back at 2020 to see which topics resonated most with our members and which challenges they engaged with the most. Here’s what we found:

Take a Water Break

We encouraged our members to refill their water bottles and implement water breaks into their busy work days. This is a practice we also support with our Hydration Tracker, available in the member’s account. Our Academy course on hydration is another great way that members can learn about the importance of drinking more water.

Give Oat Milk a Try

This non-dairy alternative is popular, and this challenge proved that. We presented the pros and cons of this creamy milk substitute and asked our members to give it a shot. Our CODs also always provide a “DUH”-sclaimer, when appropriate, to make sure our members speak with a health care professional before making dietary changes.

Choose a Better Lunch

We always strive to include budget-friendly CODs and information to our members. Our members love healthy-eating suggestions, so we encourage them to pack a nutritious meal, instead of eating out at the office. They also have the option to track their meals with our Food Journal; it can help them stay on track with their food-related goals.

Spend Time With Your Pet

It’s true — our furry friends do help lower stress. This is just one reason we encouraged our members to spend more time with their pet during this COD. And since everyone loves to see a cute dog in their app feed, we also provided a HOT SHOTS opportunity for them to post a photo in the challenge of Milo getting some extra love.

Do Things the Hard Way

In our totally digital world, we often rely on technology more than we need to. For this COD, we challenged everyone to do small tasks without the support of those aids. Brain health is as important as anything else, so these activities can help improve that cognitive function.

What’s on Your Financial Vision Board?

The beginning of 2020 was the perfect time to inspire everyone to create a financial vision board. We always provide helpful tips in our money-related CODs, plus easy places to start when planning for a successful future. Members also have access to a plethora of financial courses in our Academy, as well.

Snacks for Soreness

It’s always important to connect the dots between our diets and our bodies. This COD did just that — it shared which foods can help soothe post-workout soreness. Participants can also add to our list in the challenge comments, which everyone can view.

You’re Not Always Right

Many of our CODs help members communicate better and respond effectively in the workplace. This COD challenged them to reflect before making a big decision or reacting to a situation. It offered reflective questions to ask one’s self before acting.

Say “Hello!” to the Day!

Yoga isn’t for everyone, but some simple moves can definitely wake us up in the morning. This COD provided a list of simple ways to wake up with movement. And with physical-activity challenges, we always provide alternatives for all levels and abilities.

Stop Limiting Yourself!

Self-esteem is important, especially for our mental health. This COD focused on a simple process to get rid of any self-limiting thoughts and how to apply it to one’s life. At first glance, it may not seem like a “challenge,” and for some, it may not be one! However, every COD is meant to challenge all aspects of wellbeing, even those we don’t often think about.

2021 brings a whole new opportunity for fresh CODs to inspire our members, and we look forward to providing even better chances for our members to excel in their wellbeing journeys!

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