Sonic Boom earns ‘Platinum Status’ award

by Jul 17, 2014

In June, Carlsbad-based Sonic Boom Wellness was recognized as a Platinum-Level Recipient of the American Heart Association’s Fit-Friendly Worksites Award. Platinum is the highest level of acknowledgement that a company can receive within the AHA’s award program…

The Fit-Friendly Worksites Program is a catalyst for positive change. Worksites throughout the nation can take part in the initiative by making employee health and wellness a priority. Sonic Boom has not only done its part to promote healthier lifestyles for its own employees, the up-and-coming firm is also setting standards in the health-tech space of the employee-wellness industry with its one-of-a-kind activity tracker, The Boomerang. The Boomerang is a 4-in-1, wrist-worn fitness tracker that brings the capabilities of a smartwatch and two-way-messaging center straight to members’ wrists. Added to Sonic Boom’s customizable contest engine and other proprietary software, Boomerang helps keep members engaged in validated health activities for the long-term. Specifically, Sonic Boom was recognized as a Platinum Level Fit-Friendly Worksite by the American Heart Association for:

  • Developing and employing its proprietary fitness tracker, the Boomerang.
  • Allowing breaks throughout the day for fun fitness challenges.
  • Promoting an overall wellness culture – including a focus on daily activity, optimal nutrition, and stress reduction.
  • Implementing at least nine criteria as outlined by the American Heart Association in the areas of physical activity, nutrition and culture.
  • Demonstrating measurable outcomes related to workplace wellness.

“We are enthralled and honored to be recognized by the American Heart Association as a Platinum Level Fit-Friendly Worksite,” said Danna Korn, Sonic Boom’s Co-founder and Chief Energizing Officer. “Engaging in daily physical activity and focusing on optimal nutrition are incredibly important priorities here at Sonic Boom, and we encourage all of our employees to be as happy and healthy as possible. We want all Boomers to get the most out of their time here – as well as their lives away from work!”

For more information on the Fit-Friendly Worksites initiative, or to find out what you can do to incorporate more fun, engaging wellness into your employees’ lives, visit – or email [email protected] to see how your business could benefit from the Sonic Boom program.

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