Sonic Boom and Premise Leaders Meet on the Future of Wellness

by Sep 1, 2022

Sonic Boom’s “BLT” (Boomer Leadership Team) met with Premise Health leaders in Brentwood, TN, at Premise HQ for the inaugural onsite summit between both teams. The excitement around future planning was palpable, as each organization leader brought industry knowledge, innovative ideas, and well-informed feedback into one room. Together, they mapped out the future of members’ lifestyle medicine around digital care, onsite care, and self-care.

Premise partners with large employers and other large organizations to deliver healthcare to their people, with the goals of increasing access, improving quality, enhancing patient experiences, and lowering costs. Sonic Boom brings expertise in making digital wellness engaging, tailored, and fun. Together, both companies will revamp the entire landscape of a person’s health journey, from the moment they step into a wellness center for an appointment to the moment they go to sleep at night.

“Sonic Boom has always thrived as the unapologetically innovative David in an industry of conventional Goliaths,” said Ross Gensler, Vice President of Operations at Sonic Boom. “For the first time in our 15-year history, we get to take the tailorable technology and boutique-style service we’re known for, as well as add the resources and operational excellence of an industry powerhouse like Premise, in order to effectively scale while continuing to innovate. There’s a lot to be excited about within our collective vision for amplifying member engagement, boosting retention, and continuing to drive positive health outcomes for our clients.”

Future of employee wellness

The week-long onsite summit included relationship-building workshops, breakout sessions, goal-mapping, roundtable discussions, innovative ideation, and, of course, cornhole. Leaders shared their individual experiences as both subject matter experts and regular human beings navigating often-confusing medical care, and everyone left with an understanding of how this collaborative partnership will continue to address patients’ biggest hurdles to getting the healthcare they need and deserve.

The pillars of Premise’s care philosophy around lifestyle medicine served as a strong anchor for the entire session — because the goal at the end of the day is always to empower and teach members how to take control of and understand their own health.

“The BLT summit was the perfect catalyst for how the Premise and SBW teams will unite and collaborate on the creation of a more powerful member wellness experience,” said John Cunningham, Executive Vice President of Operations at Premise Health. “I am thrilled to be a part of the joining of these two teams. We are BETTER together and, frankly, unstoppable.”

2023 is already stirring excitement across both organizations, and we look forward to sharing more as things grow and evolve!

About Sonic Boom Wellness

An innovative leader since 2007, Sonic Boom is constantly studying behavioral economics and motivational theory while delivering extensive best-practice consultation and strategic support. Sonic Boom focuses first and foremost on the core drivers of behavior change, inspiring members to make consistent daily improvements that result in healthier habits for life. Going far beyond physical activity, their programs include engaging modules for optimal nutrition, financial fitness, stress management, sleep, mental wellbeing, and more. Because the Sonic Boom platform is fully customizable, it can promote campaigns around any prioritized company initiative. In our post-COVID-19 world, one of the most sought-after benefits of Sonic Boom is its ability to socially connect people in a virtual environment. While this has always been a core advantage of the program, it has become even more sought after, with clients speaking highly about the positive effects of the social connectivity.

About Premise Health

Sonic Boom Wellness is part of Premise Health, the largest direct healthcare company in the world and one of the largest digital providers in the country. Premise Health partners with large employers, health plans, municipalities, and other large organizations to deliver healthcare to their populations. It employs more than 5,000 clinical team members across the nation, including physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, care navigators, and many others, and operates a network of more than 800 wellness centers serving an eligible member population of 11 million lives. Premise acquired Sonic Boom Wellness in 2021.