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From our personal take on industry happenings to personal notes from our fearless co-founders (and some fun health tips scattered throughout), you’ve reached your source for thought leadership by Sonic Boom…

20 quick ways to cut 100 calories

We know, we know – cutting calories has never been fun. But we’re willing to bet that most people who aim to cut calories think that in order to do so, they have to sacrifice their favorite indulgences altogether. And the truth is – they don’t!

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Challenge-of-the-Day: Laugh Out Loud!

We all love a good laugh. Whether we’re watching our favorite primetime sitcom or reminiscing about the past with a childhood friend, there’s nothing that soothes the soul like a big ol’ belly laugh. Taking life too seriously (typically because of stressors at work, in our relationships, and/or our finances) can take a toll on our health…

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Ten years of disruption

Ten years ago this month, Bryan and I drove to Zion, sat on a cliff next to a roaring campfire, and reinvented what corporate wellness was at the time. It was all so blatantly obvious to us: what was missing was engagement, and we figured the best way to get better engagement was to make it fun and social.

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Beyond the Biometric Screening

Ye ol’ biometric screening – the undisputed heavyweight champ of wellness program measurement, right? Well, the champ does pack a powerful punch, but we see a few chinks in his armor.

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Sonic Boom – it’s not for everyone

Oh sure, if we were solely focused on profits, it might be tempting to target the whole world and claim we’re the perfect solution for every last prospect.  But the truth is we’re not – nor would we want to be. (And even those who say they are … are they really?)

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Welcome to the Boomer Blog

3 … 2 … 1 … blast-off! The Boomer Blog is officially underway… Buckle up and hold on tight as we embark on this new journalistic journey – discussing all things worksite wellness, from our take on hard-hitting industry topics to the more-lighthearted stuff like best-practices and weekly workout tips!

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