Blog post: 20 quick ways to cut 100 calories

by Aug 17, 2017

Simple substitutions for the common dieter

We know, we know – cutting calories has never been fun. But we’re willing to bet that most people who aim to cut calories think that in order to do so, they have to sacrifice their favorite indulgences altogether. And the truth is – they don’t!

That’s right – we don’t have to deprive ourselves of delicious food just to meet our recommended caloric intake. (Yay, flavor!)

We think we do because we live in a world of dieting extremes (“no this, no that, and never-ever-ever eat those!”). And while everyone’s out there slashing their daily diets to ribbons in hopes of cutting weight quickly, most aren’t considering the many healthier, just-as-tasty replacements for all of our favorite treats.

Therefore, we made a list.  Feast your eyes on 20 ways you can peel 100 calories off pretty much every meal and snack you eat (and make note of the gastronomically exciting stuff to replace it with so you can still feel satisfied without feeling stuffed).


1. Can’t quite quit the carbs? At least split the bagel, then!

Pro tip: go whole wheat and forget that “refined-flour” foolishness. (And if you can find a gluten-free variety that doesn’t taste like a sponge, please share it in the comments – our co-founder’s dying to try it.)

2. If you can’t live without cream cheese, use nonfat.

Watch for low-fat options where the fats have been replaced with sugars or other empty “fillers.” (You’d be better off using whole-fat, in that case!). If you CAN live without cream cheese (good for you!), try replacing it with smashed avocado or hummus. Sure, avocado’s full of fat – but it’s the good kind. And you’re only eating half the bagel (right?), so you’ll only eat half the ‘cado too.

3. Trade your two eggs for four egg whites.

You only “need” to do this if you’re watching your cholesterol. Eggs are actually quite good for you – yolks and all!

4. Skip the latté and drink your joe black.

5. Trade the OJ for the real deal.

You know – an actual orange! (Or any other type of whole fruit.)


6. Eat your sandwich topless.

Wait – keep your shirt on at all times, please. As for the sandwich – there’s no need for that second slice – try it open-faced instead. (A lettuce or veggie wrap works well, too.)

7. Shake up your salad, or try a spray-on dressing instead of the kind that pours.

You’d be surprised by how much excess dressing we consume by globbing it all on and “stirring” with our forks. Simply put your salad in a container with a lid, add a little dressing, and shake until every leaf is lightly coated to perfection. (You can also get it on the side and lightly dip as you munch!)

8. Skip the cheese on the sandwich/burger.

Can you really even taste it with all the other toppings? If you are, in fact, craving a cheeseburger, mozzarella and Swiss are betta’ than chedda’.

9. Trade your soda for an unsweetened ice tea.

Wanna completely cut those drink-calories? Cure your parched tongue with refreshing ol’ water. (And if you’re missin’ the pep from your ‘pop, enjoy the refreshing bubbles of ice-cold soda water.)


10. Swap your soups.

Water-based broths are generally healthier than cream-of-whatever-it-is-you’ve-been-eating.

11. Ask for corn tortillas instead of flour.

They’ve got more fiber, fewer calories, and less sugar. Oh, and their smaller size means they’ve got built-in portion control.

12. Grill, bake, or broil your meat instead of deep- or pan-frying.

These meaty methods retain more nutrients and keep us from cooking with extra oils and fats.

13. Fewer fries, and skip the ketchup.

Mustard’s a much healthier condiment than ketchup. You can also try a healthier side altogether – like sweet-potato fries, veggie chips, or a salad!

14. Baked is better than fried, even if you’re indulging on chips.

Per ounce, baked chips do have fewer calories than fried. Just promise us you’ll watch your portions!

15. Switch from Alfredo to marinara.

Compared to marinara, a cream-based sauce is a caloric colossus (not to mention the additional fats, sodium, and cholesterol).

Snacks & Desserts

16. Switch to frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.

It’s even-more refreshing on a warm summer evening. Or better yet, how ‘bout some fresh fruit (you know – the kind that grows on real trees?).

17. Eat that froyo in a bowl instead of a cone.

Who needs edible dishware, anyway?

18. Eat only the innards of the cheesecake or pie.

The edges and bottoms absorb the butter used to grease the pan. Plus, the inside’s the best part anyway, right?

19. Try sugar-free gelatin instead of pudding.

20. Scrape the frosting off the cake or have a healthy muffin instead!

We said a healthy muffin – think gluten-free, or an applesauce or quinoa-based mix!


Cutting calories might not seem much fun – but trying new foods certainly is! Choose whichever changes sound the most appetizing, and see where it takes you. (We’re betting it’s someplace yummy.)

How do YOU cut calories? Share your suggestions in the comments!

Eric Seal

Flippant Writer Extraordinaire