Collaboration, agility, and creativity fuel our Customer Success Team

by Oct 11, 2021

Customer Service Appreciation Week was last week, but that doesn’t mean that accolades should stop when it comes to giving thanks to all of our hardworking, dedicated customer-service teams. Here at Sonic Boom Wellness, a Premise Health company, our Client Success Team (CST) is the backbone of everything we do. They work hard, collaborate daily with our clients, relay important client feedback to the leadership team, and ensure that each member feels supported, heard, and valuable.

Last week, we asked them to describe a “day in the life” of someone on the CST team. This week, we’re sharing a quick Q&A about what our colleagues love about the team, the work they do, and the people they serve. Here’s what they said.

What’s your favorite thing about the Client Success Team?

Our team is amazing. I’ve never worked with a more collaborative, supportive group of people. We bring humor to the job when needed, and we remain professional when the time calls for that.

I enjoy the relationship-building with our client administrative teams. I also enjoy learning about all the different Rewards designs — it keeps me thinking about my own wellness in different and novel ways.

The team at Sonic Boom Wellness is really compatible and close to one another. How does that relationship between colleagues support great morale within your department?

When we have a win, we all celebrate. When we struggle, we all come together to turn it into a win.

We get pretty busy in CS, and if I wasn’t working on a supportive team, I’d feel stressed. The energy and personalities of your team members makes all the difference in morale, and it boosts productivity in all of us.

I never feel alone in making decisions or coming up with a creative solution for a client; I know I can always ask for advice or bounce ideas off of the team.

Tell us about a time a client loved one of your ideas.     

One client had an outside-the-box idea that we had never done before (and we love that!). We had some tools that could make it happen, but there were some other components to work around. I went through all of our product offerings, and I was able to find a solution that made for a great user experience and positive reporting outcome. And the client loved it!

I worked with a client to create a mental-health contest for their members — a topic both we and them are passionate about. It had several moving parts and required some outside-the-box brainstorming. We successfully launched the contest, and the client appreciated the attention to detail and effort that we put into it together. 

Our platform is super customizable, so making a small tweak to the way an activity is configured can often make for a better user experience … in more instances than one. It’s hard to pick just one idea that a client loved!

A client wanted a short “how-to” story, from the member perspective, of how to navigate a few of our program modules. I created some quick screenshares of “member stories” to illustrate how to use Trackers, complete a Challenge-of-the-Day, and create a contest. They loved them!

What’s a challenging aspect of working on this team?

We work with so many people on a daily basis, so there’s a lot of context shifting in my day-to-day. I might be talking about an eligibility file one minute, then pivot toward working on a different client’s vendor integration. It’s something any department does, and I appreciate how agile the entire team is with these shifts!

We work as a team, between managers, coordinators, and analysts. We have a pretty small team-to-client ratio, but it still requires some shifts between accounts. We communicate really well and pitch in if someone is going to be out of office or needs an extra hand on any specific day.

Managing different workloads and onboarding different team members to new accounts presents a welcomed challenge that we all rise to overcome! Our programs are infinitely customizable, which means each of us manages multiple different avenues toward wellness on a daily basis. Flexibility and adaptability are key when it comes to success on our team, and everyone exhibits those characteristics every single day.

Our team is so passionate about what they do and always wants to deliver the best experience, so one challenge is knowing when to clock out for the day or weekend. It’s important to recognize when you’ve done your best job for the day with the resources you have — that’s self-care, no matter where you work.

In your opinion, what are some of the best ways to show appreciation for people that work in any sector of customer service?

Tell them you appreciate them, then back it up with thoughtful actions! Words of gratitude go a long way.

It’s much more common for people to call into a customer service center when they’re experiencing a challenge or issue — that’s what the center is there for! So expressing your gratitude verbally helps so much, especially at the end of those calls.

Communicating with kindness and understanding! Not only do our member-success team members resolve problematic calls or emails quickly, but they also manage their lives outside of work, just like the rest of us. It makes all the difference in the world when someone is calm, kind, and understanding. Every “Thank you for your help” goes a long way when you’re calling into a customer service line.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Sonic Boom?

We are all so different, yet we all share a core characteristic of taking ownership and supporting one another.

The people, definitely. My coworkers make the job fun, and my managers care deeply for the team and give us all the autonomy to do our jobs well. This, in turn, ensures our clients’ needs and desires are met.

I love working with clients who share our vision, genuinely care about their employees’ wellness, and want to create fun ways to improve daily health and wellbeing for them.

What’s your favorite thing about working on the CS team?

Our clients! We also have some of the most amazing people I’ve ever known on this team. They’ve helped me grow personally and professionally. Being able to see different clients’ ways of incentivizing wellness also inspires my own wellbeing journey every single day.

We also have a positive company culture here. When we all gather for a meeting or virtual social hour, we have a blast! We genuinely care for one another and support each other at and outside of work. (Jen’s stories about Alaska are my favorite!)

We hope this inspires you to give back to every department, not just the customer-service teams. It’s clear that good collaboration, agility, and support come from good people, who are supported by those companies behind them. How will you honor your own employees today?

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