8 reasons we’re built for any work environment

by Jun 28, 2021

You’ve heard us say it over and over again — engagement is king when it comes to building a solid employee wellness program. We specialize in engagement, we live and breathe engagement, and we sweat engagement (especially during this obscene heat wave!). However, engagement is only one part of the puzzle. Ease-of-use, accessibility, and connectivity matter, too, especially when it comes to holding remote workers’ attention. And fortunately for you, we do humbly toot our own horns in those areas, as well. Here’s how and why your wellness platform can make WFH life more seamless and welcoming among employees, even outside the worksite!

  1. We’re accessible. As in, we have an app for that. Carry your wellness plan wherever you go, post Challenge-of-the-Day or Caught Ya photos, engage with comments, see your Rewards, and do all the necessary things right in the palm of your hand. Oh, and don’t worry — we work on desktop, too.
  2. We’re easy to use. Er, we aim to be easy to use. No one is perfect in this area, and there’s always hiccups along the way. Thankfully, our zero-bug policy keeps us squashing hot-button issues within two development cycles (aka two weeks). But when it comes to ease-of-use within the app, we’re overly explanatory with our implementation materials and dedicated support staff.
  3. We’re informative. It’s easy to get swept away in the to-dos and lingering projects on our never-ending lists (believe us, we get it). Employees need a reason to pop into the app and see what’s happening around the company. Our push notifications, recommendations, site alerts keep members updated on what they need to do, what everyone else is doing, and what the company wants you to know.
  4. Yes, yes, yes — we’re engaging. We’ve driven this home time and time (and time) again. And time again.
  5. We’re different. If you’re seeking a cookie-cutter sort of model, we’re not that. Instead, we lean on fun activities and incentives to shift individual lifestyles and entire cultures toward better overall wellbeing, creating something that employees want to open from their home offices every day. The best part? Members can customize their fun, too … leading us to …
  6. We’re customizable. If your company has specific communications they want to send out to every employee, or if an employee has an idea for a future contest, both can happen seamlessly in our platform. No more running from cube to cube to deliver urgent information, and no more mass emails that no one opens anyway!
  7. We work for all environments. Of course, many people are navigating a “hybrid” schedule, and many are returning to work locations full-time. Our current client base comprises all three scenarios, and our engagement numbers reveal that all three groups enjoy the features our platform offers. Check out our latest Sonic Success Stories, to see what members have to say. Whether you’re striding solo or with a group during lunch, you can still celebrate together in the app!
  8. We’re educational. In case you haven’t heard, our Academy is full of health and wellness courses, giving employees something to read in between projects, no matter where they’re located.

Regardless if you’re thinking of joining the Boomin’ crew or not, your wellness platform should include all of these things … because employee health matters.

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