How and why we gamify corporate wellness

by May 19, 2021

Do you dread going to work each day? If so, you’re not alone.

Do you feel like your employer couldn’t care less about employee wellbeing? Unfortunately, that’s also true for many of us.

Or maybe your company has a check-the-box wellness initiative in place, but it feels a bit … stale. We can relate, and it’s one of the main reasons why Sonic Boom was created.

Frustrated by a lack of participation in corporate wellness programs, we decided to take a different approach and create the most engaging, gamified wellness program in the industry.

Here’s how we do things differently … and why we think it matters:

Stimulating challenges

Say it with us: Social connection matters more than ever. Our platform and native mobile app were built with the purpose of facilitating engagement and collaboration between employees. That’s why we used game-theory research to create dozens of clever, highly stimulating challenge categories, along with captivating details that hold the participant’s interest.

Our innovative health challenges result in healthier habits, in addition to the social connection that employers crave and need. And since these activities are 100% customizable, our extensive library of challenge themes is really just a suggestion — the personalized possibilities are endless for every member.

Unparalleled engagement

There are numerous touch points within our platform, and they all aim to hold the attention of the member. We don’t just send automated emails and hope someone clicks to participate in a contest or challenge. Instead, our entire platform is not only captivating to navigate, but it also serves a social feed and offers plenty of fun opportunities for employees to connect with each other.

With engagement modules like Caught Ya, Challenge-of-the-Day, Contests, Goals & Trackers, and Leaders, there are plenty of avenues to keep the games rolling within our platform. Build a contest around Caught Yas, talk friendly smack about who’s on top of the leaderboard, or simply scroll the feed and see what your work neighbors have been up to. Our socially stimulating gaming mechanics keep members coming back day after day, year after year.

Incentive management

Rewards, Prize Points, Boomer Bucks — oh my! Our incentive-management system is fully flexible and customizable. Do you want to keep it simple, or go all-out with crazy competitions and requirements? Activities can be verified or self-reported, and incentives can be based on outcomes, effort, and/or participation. Throw in optional currencies like Prize Points and Boomer Bucks (or anything you’d like!) as perks to participate, and you suddenly have an engaging, fun, and meaningful incentive structure that’ll get employees excited to play games and have fun!

That’s the how, which leaves the “why.” Why bother playing games in the workplace? We think the answer is pretty easy: Games are fun, and improved wellbeing should be a fun thing to work toward. No one wants to be bored in pursuit of a better life — so have fun with it!

Are you looking to improve your employees’ wellbeing at home and at work? Click below to find out how Sonic Boom’s comprehensive, fully customizable wellness programs can help!