Make your office space more eco-friendly

by Apr 22, 2021

Happy Earth Day! Every year on April 22, people engage in environmentally friendly activities that pay respect to this beloved planet we call home. Remember when email didn’t exist? Imagine how many trees have been saved since the creation of electronic mail. Even today’s remote-work environment is causing less pollution — no ugly commutes, and no ugly exhaust from traffic jams!

However, we still have a long way to go if we really want to protect this planet and fix some of the reversible damage that’s been caused. While opening your shades instead of turning on a light won’t necessarily save the world, it’s still a good place to start reducing your carbon footprint. Plus, studies have shown that creating more eco-friendly practices and spaces can also boost morale, engagement, and profitability.

Here are some ways to make your home office (or other work spaces) more Earth-friendly:

  1. Use natural light. Rather than flicking on lights, open the windows and position yourself toward the sunlight that shines through your windows (whenever you can).
  2. Hand down old laptops and computers. Don’t toss e-waste in the trash. Like-new products can often be refurbished and donated to nonprofits and libraries in need. If they’re older and need to go, recycle them properly.
  3. Unplug when you’re done. No, we don’t just mean unplug your mind (although that’s important). Unplug electronics when you’re done with them or not using them. This goes for your kitchen, too!
  4. Explore eco-friendly office supplies. Yes, bamboo pens are a thing, and so are energy-efficient screen lights.
  5. Bring plants into your space. One study by NASA found that house plants can remove up to 87% of air pollution in a 24-hour period! Plus, they reduce stress and sickness, too.
  6. Engage in monthly “green” challenges. Here at Sonic Boom, our Challenges-of-the-Day often reflect current events like Earth Day. Make the entire month of April Earth Day-themed with fun ways to help preserve the planet.

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