7 ways to an eco-friendly office

by Apr 22, 2021

Every year on Earth Day, people engage in environmentally friendly activities that pay respect to this beloved planet we call home. Remember when email didn’t exist? Imagine how many trees have been saved since the creation of electronic mail. Even today’s remote-work environment is causing less pollution — fewer jammed commutes and less exhaust floating around in the air. Planet-first health activities are even a popular activity included in incentive-management programs. Plant a tree, anyone?

Small steps matter

But it’s no surprise, we still have a long way to go to continue protecting Mother Earth and making up for some of the irreversible damage that’s been caused. While using natural light instead of flipping a switch won’t necessarily save the world, it’s still a good place to start when minimizing your carbon footprint. Plus, research has shown that surrounding yourself with more plants and natural beauty to improve everything from depression, stress, and memory, to creativity, concentration, and productivity.

Create an eco-friendly office

Here are some ways to bring more plant life into yor work life:

  1. Use natural light. Rather than flicking on lights, open the windows and position yourself toward the sunlight that shines through your windows.
  2. Head outside. Walking meetings, anyone? If you have a call that doesn’t require visuals on your end, take it on a stroll.
  3. Hand down old laptops. If you’re replacing your work hardware, check with your IT and/or HR teams on a recycling program for old computers that can be refurbished.
  4. Unplug when you’re done. Unplugging your mind after a long day is vital, but physically pulling cords out of outlets after the day is gone is key too. Follow the same practice in your kitchen when you’re not using an appliance!
  5. Explore eco-friendly office supplies. From bamboo pens and non-toxic cleaners, to recyclable paper and LED lightbulbs, there are more ways than ever to improve your work station with Earth-conscious supplies.
  6. Bring plants into your space. One study by NASA found that house plants can remove up to 87% of air pollution in a 24-hour period.
  7. Engage in monthly “green” challenges. Our platform allows members to create contests around themes that mean the most to them, and recycle-themed contests are popular during the month of April. Here’s one idea: Ask your office to recycle one thing every day they’d otherwise toss in the trash.

Sonic Boom is eco-friendly too

As a fully digital wellness platform, all of our member communications are digital across our app and email. Additionally, we always make sure to fold importany days and month, such as Earth Day, into our communication plans for members, whether it’s global health challenges deployed to all, or client-specific suggestions for events. Together with our wonderful client partners, we always hope to help shrink our collective carbon footprint for the future.

If you want to join the Sonic Boom family or have questions about our platform, reach out at the button below.