New from Sonic Boom: self-paced, interactive virtual wellness classroom

by Jul 31, 2018

Health education is hardly the most exciting part of a wellness program (after all, education/awareness doesn’t necessarily lead to action). And while we typically insist on using more socially stimulating methods to motivate people to develop healthier habits, our client-partners frequently request additional educational resources to help members build their self-confidence and reach personal health goals. That’s why we’re excited to unveil our latest program feature, the Sonic Boom Academy.

What’s in store at the Sonic Boom Academy?

  • Relevant lessons from industry experts. Academy courses cover a variety of wellbeing topics that are packed with in-depth-yet-easy-to-understand-and-apply-to-your-real-life knowledge.
  • Multimedia approach. The Academy combines text, graphics, and video to keep the learning experience interesting (because reading big chunks of scholarly text isn’t exactly fun).
  • Self-paced courses. Content is delivered in a series of bite-size lessons, and users are free to skip ahead and learn more about any topic they choose. The Sonic Boom Academy saves their progress so it’s easy to jump back in right where they left off.
  • Socially stimulating health-habit reinforcement. Who says health education can’t be engaging? Once members complete a lesson, they take quick-n-fun quizzes to test and reinforce their newfound knowledge (specifically, reinforcing how to use it to improve their real-life health habits).
  • Easy on-the-go access (no stuffy lecture halls). Members can use their phones or tablets to visit the digital classroom any time they want.

Our curriculum

With the Sonic Boom Academy, employees gain a wealth of wellness enlightenment, right at their fingertips:

  • Ignition: Nutrition – Penned by our CEO and co-founder (and best-selling author and nutritional expert), Danna Korn, Ignition: Nutrition takes complex nutritional topics and presents them in an easy-to-understand (and apply-to-your-lifestyle) format. From tips and tricks on achieving/maintaining a healthy weight, to the skinny on how you SHOULD be counting calories, Ignition: Nutrition includes all the basics (and more!) to eat right and feel great.
  • Financial Fitness – Financial wellbeing is a major concern for employees and employers alike. Employees want to feel financially secure, and employers want employees who are less distracted by finances and more focused on doing their jobs well. Finances can be incredibly complicated, though – and each employee’s situation is unique. So we’ve partnered with financial expert Jeremy Kisner to develop a Financial Fitness course focused on clear and concise advice for the topics we all face the most often – from budgeting, to paying down various forms of debt, to investing and saving for retirement.
  • Sound Asleep – Improvin’ your snoozin’ has never been easier. We’ve built a five-part course on sleep hygiene to help analyze members’ sleeping habits as well as illustrate what common things may be helping (or hurting) their sleep quality.
  • Let’s Get Physical – First-time exercisers and frequent gym-goers alike will learn more than just a “Greatest Hits” of exercises to try. Instead, members will learn why physical activity (along with healthy eating) is critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • SuperChamp Training – SuperChamps (a.k.a. wellness champions) undergo special training and obtain certification through the Academy, giving them the necessary know-how to inspire and motivate their fellow employees to reach new, healthier heights within the Sonic Boom program.
  • Build-your-own! – In addition to our proprietary wellness-education courses, Sonic Boom Academy can house customized client-specific courses for any topic imaginable. Create a knowledge base for your company’s best practices on workplace safety, or even your basic training courses for more-efficient employee-onboarding – the practical possibilities are endless!

And much more to come…

Class is already in session, but the Sonic Boom Academy is just getting started. We’ve been steadily expanding the Sonic Boom Academy to include even more courses, as well as configuring it to host custom client content (like the aforementioned training courses). Our goal with the Sonic Boom Academy is to empower employees and employers alike to access information that improves their quality of life at work and at home, and helps make the overall wellness program a constantly improving success.

Questions? Comments? Ask us about the Sonic Boom Academy by shooting an email over to [email protected] or calling 1-877-766-4208.

Eric Seal

Flippant Writer Extraordinaire