Sonic BLOOM!

by Dec 17, 2019

Sonic Boom:  A review of 2019 by our co-founders No, we’re not changing our name. But we ARE excited to share the following 2019 wrap-up with you all (hint: we’re growing like never before, hence the whole “bloom” thing in the header) … Late last year, Bryan and I chose to make some huge decisions for 2019 that would have profound effects on Sonic Boom.  After more than a decade in business growing organically, we decided it was time to change things up.  The market was consolidating, and we had fewer and fewer competitors.  Those we did have were growing wildly, creating more of a differentiation between their “big-getting-bigger” approach and the hands-on, consultative partnership model that we enjoy.  It was a time of dramatic industry instability for many employers, as either their vendor was no longer in business, or they were now a client of a vendor they hadn’t chosen.  We had several new clients join us in 2019 as an alternative, and we had some who had left us years before decide to come back.  Most importantly, we were grateful to have faithful clients who have been with us – some for nearly a decade – stay with us and continue to Boom. Bryan and I decided as sole owners of the company to take a huge personal risk and double-down on Sonic Boom.  It was time to invest more than we ever had in our leadership – our infrastructure – our Boomers – and as always, our clients and members. We hired phenomenal leadership, starting with our COO, Ryan Van Der Vorste.  Having worked with Ryan for years, Gina Poure joined Sonic Boom as our Director of Customer Success just a few months after Ryan.  The third key leadership addition is Donovan Lucas, Sr. VP of Sales, who joined just a couple months ago.  We also hired members of the sales, development, and customer success teams. At the same time, we’re strengthening our software infrastructure, are proud to have earned SOC II/Type II certification, and continue to innovate like crazy. While some in our industry are shifting focus to be less about wellbeing and more about performance and experience, we’re as committed as ever to what we do and have always done:  create programs people love and want to take part in.  We will never take our eye off the ball, constantly asking ourselves how we can drive genuine engagement.  In today’s world where people are highly stimulated, getting and keeping people engaged requires exceptional consultation and programming. The risk Bryan and I took is paying off, with controlled growth and continuous improvement.  As we head into 2020, our entire Boomer team is committed and empowered to do what they need to do to fascinate and delight our client-partners and members. Looking forward to Booming with you in 2020! Danna and Bryan