Companies get competitive for a cause in Sonic Boom’s Ultimate Fitness Challenge

by Jun 6, 2018

Three winners were named in our eighth annual fitness contest, but it’s the charities that win

After four weeks of intense competition, Roland DGA, Nintendo, and Health Plan of San Mateo have emerged victorious as the 2018 Ultimate Fitness Challenge (UFC) champions. The UFC, hosted each year by Carlsbad-based Sonic Boom Wellness, is a month-long company-vs.-company contest to see who has the most-active employees. But glory and bragging rights aren’t all that’s on the line during the UFC – a series of prize donations, made by Sonic Boom to charities of each winner’s choosing, help to sweeten the pot for participants. As such, the winning companies have selected the following charities to receive their $1,000 prize:

“The UFC is one of our favorite events of the year,” says Danna Korn, Chief Energizing Officer and co-founder of Sonic Boom. “It’s inspiring to watch the competitive and cooperative sides of our members come out as they work together toward a common goal – plus, it’s fun watching companies engage in a little friendly trash talk. But more importantly, we love learning about the charitable causes that our client-partners support, and it’s an honor for us to lend our support as well.”

This was the UFC’s eighth installment, with nearly 2,000 individual participants signing up across 25 organizations throughout the country. An initial qualifying round placed organizations into one of three “weight classes” – Heavyweight, Welterweight, and Bantamweight. Participants then recorded their daily physical activity using various activity-tracking devices, all of which integrate with our program to automate participation while updating contest leaderboards in real time. The winning organizations’ employees tallied the following average step totals:

  • Roland DGA – 392,343 total average steps
  • Nintendo – 265,493 total average steps
  • Health Plan of San Mateo – 246,440 total average steps

Shout-out to everyone who participated in this year’s UFC – you’re all champions to us. See you at next year’s competition!

Eric Seal

Flippant Writer Extraordinaire