Top-10 Challenges-of-the-Day in 2021

by Dec 30, 2021

2022 will be another year of daily health challenges, engaging contests, trackable wellness habits, and reasons to “catch yourself bein’ healthy!” But before we kick off the next 365 days of wellbeing for our members, we wanted to take a look back at some of the top Challenges-of-the-Day from 2021.

What makes them “top”?

Glad you asked! When we created our top-10 lookback list for 2020, we based the results on one key metric: engagement. If our wonderful members loved the health challenge, then it’s a winner in our book! Our entire wellbeing program is based on what works and what doesn’t for our members, so this lookback also helps us decide which themes and wellness challenges to bring into the New Year. Did one of your favorites make the list?

What’s a health challenge?

Other than one of the most-popular modules of our wellness program? Our health challenges are stimulating, sometimes slightly outrageous, and always insightful. They cover all aspects of wellbeing, including physical activity, nutrition, financial, stress, resilience, and more. We want people thinking (and doing!) wellness every single day, creating a consistent buzz at work and home. After all, that’s the whole point of a great wellness program, right?

Top 2021 health challenges

Without further ado, here are some winners from 2021!

Design a Masterful Money Plan

We asked our members to prepare for a successful 2021 by putting together S.M.A.R.T goals to help them achieve financial security, confidence, and success. Financial health matters, which is why offering supplemental support, such as educational courses on finance, is also key to our wellness program.

Celebrate National Pizza Day!

Who doesn’t love indulging in a little cheesy pie? We love celebrating “those” national days (of which there are plenty) to enjoy a little savory balance in our diet. We offered our members some delicious hacks for building a great pie at home.

Wake Up Your Abs with Dead-Bug Exercises

Working out doesn’t have to be complicated, which is why many of our health challenges highlight one basic move to start and improve upon over time. This health challenge featured variations for all types of levels and abilities.

The Best Positions for Better Sleep

Talking about how we sleep is always a popular health topic. Are you a stomach-sleeper? Back-sleeper? Side-sleeper? We listed the pros and cons of each … but wait, there’s more! Since this one was so popular, we created a full Academy course for our members to learn more about how proper positions and pre-bed preparations impact overall shuteye.

Write Down an Actual To-Do List

Instead of mentally mulling over the laundry list of things to complete before bed, write it down, and don’t be afraid to get fancy with it! Some love color-coding tasks, others love keeping a daily task journal. But one commonality is this: Putting pen to paper can help get the anxious checklist out of your head and into action.

Create Stronger Passwords

In our digital age, it’s more paramount than ever to save our information securely, no matter what. That’s why we offered helpful tips to building stronger combinations to keep the hackers away. One takeaway? Make it complex — letters, characters, numbers, oh my!

Try These Heart-Healthy Food Hacks

There are many ways to help protect your heart health—one being through the food you eat! This health challenge was a cinch — try these cooking and preparation tips to support a better ticker. So much of our health content is based around nutrition (which makes sense, given who one of our founders is!), so diet-based challenges, contests, and Academy courses are always a home run with our members.

Take a Mental-Health Break Today

Mental health was front and center more than ever in 2021, so taking a break to recharge during the work day was also more important than ever. Need a fast tip? Go for a quick walk around the block for some time away from the workplace.

Check Your Own Heart Rate

Raise your hand if you’ve never checked your pulse. Many of our health challenges offer step-by-step instructions for basic tasks to encourage our members to make them a regular part of their routine. This was no different! Taking your pulse is a great way to get a gauge of your heart health in between doctor appointments.

Resolve to Evolve Your Body Image

Dieting and focusing on scales are out, positive body image is in! This is a common topic that our health coaches address with our members, as well, when it comes to an overall positive wellbeing. One simple thing we can all do at home is ditch “wanting to lose weight” and replace it with “wanting to feel healthier.” Try it in the New Year!

What’s to come in 2022?

While the above is definitely not an exhaustive list of what our health challenges cover (don’t forget about brain health, stretching, skin health, social connections, professional boundaries, and more), it’s a snapshot of what our members love and want to take part in. 2022 will bring more of the same, plus brand-new ideas!

Do you want to add a well-rounded, flexible, and engaging wellness program to your 2022 corporate plan? Support your employees more than ever by requesting a demo or quote.