Sonic Boom responds to market demand for rewards-focused wellness platform

by Feb 7, 2022

Sonic Boom Wellness, a Premise Health company, announced the release of Total Rewards, a standalone rewards-focused incentive management program.

What is Total Rewards?

Total Rewards is an incentive management platform that provides companies with customized reward designs, in addition to tracking and managing wellness incentives, supporting employee recognition, fostering company values, and encouraging community involvement. Whether an employer wants to offer simple incentives tied to participation in wellness-related activities, or wishes to offer outcomes-based incentives, Total Rewards can seamlessly handle any setup, from the simplest designs to the most complicated.

Original company co-founder Danna Van Noy said, “For years, people have been asking if we could offer our incentive-management platform as a standalone product. Total Rewards is just that — it provides the same customization and flexibility as our full program, but appeals to clients primarily interested in incentive management.”

What does it include?

Sonic Boom’s comprehensive program includes native apps that provide full parity between mobile and desktop, helping companies and their employees improve their quality of life at work, at home, and on the go. Total Rewards focuses solely on the rewards aspect of the program and is available for companies who want a standalone incentive management option that empowers organizations to recognize employees and dependents. It also allows for segmentation and categorization of rewards, making it easy and straightforward to associate various prizes with specific themes and/or types of activities, as well as being able to reward one segment of employees differently than another.

Additional highlights of the program include:

  • Full integration of activity trackers, biometrics, and a proprietary Health Quality Assessment (HQA) to ensure any and all rewards designs can be tracked and supported
  • Ability to segment all communications, making it simple to customize messaging for varying locations, departments, groups, etc.
  • Access to a regular rewards report from the administrative portal, which details the specifics of any rewards completions and progress toward set goals
  • 24/7 portal accessibility, including real-time data, making it easy and seamless for client admins and/or account managers to export reports when needed
  • Ability to distribute reports to payroll and HRIS systems to help manage any incentives around payroll additions, HSA contributions, or other monetary prizes
  • Use of Sonic Boom’s internal currency, “Boomin’ Bucks” — if turned on, members can earn bucks and choose from a vast catalog of prizes, ranging from experiences, to tangible merchandise, to a full array of gift cards

About Sonic Boom Wellness

An innovative leader since 2007, Sonic Boom is constantly studying behavioral economics and motivational theory while delivering extensive best-practice consultation and strategic support. Sonic Boom focuses first and foremost on the core drivers of behavior change, inspiring members to make consistent daily improvements that result in healthier habits for life. Going far beyond physical activity, their programs include engaging modules for optimal nutrition, financial fitness, stress management, sleep, mental wellbeing, and more. Because the Sonic Boom platform is fully customizable, it can promote campaigns around any prioritized company initiative. In our post-COVID-19 world, one of the most sought-after benefits of Sonic Boom is its ability to socially connect people in a virtual environment. While this has always been a core advantage of the program, it has become even more sought after, with clients speaking highly about the positive effects of the social connectivity.

About Premise Health

Sonic Boom Wellness is part of Premise Health, the largest direct healthcare company in the world and one of the largest digital providers in the country. Premise Health partners with large employers, health plans, municipalities, and other large organizations to deliver healthcare to their populations. It employs more than 5,000 providers across the nation, including physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, care navigators, and many others, and operates a network of more than 800 wellness centers serving an eligible member population of 11 million lives. Premise acquired Sonic Boom Wellness in 2021.

See the full press release here. Interested in learning more about Total Rewards and/or our regular Sonic Boom digital wellness programs? Request more information here.