We aren’t a point-solution platform, but we do get to the point

by Jan 11, 2021

Point solutions and 2020 seemed to go hand-in-hand. Employers looking into corporate wellness were seeking a more pointed — if you will — approach to supporting their employees’ wellbeing needs. And for many of us, 2020 shed light on many of those specific desires: ongoing stress, tobacco cessation, coaching needs, etc.

We’ve touched on this concept in the past. Our co-founder, Danna Van Noy (Korn), discussed how we integrate with any point-solution program here at Sonic Boom. She also talked about why many people think corporate-wellness programs do not work in the first place. One way to make sure they do work is to be less cookie-cutter and more personalized. A good program needs to excite the people implementing it, as much as it does the person using it.

While Sonic Boom can and does integrate with other point-solution programs, our offerings already help members address some of the most common wellness concerns. For example, platforms like Livongo may specialize in managing a chronic illness, but our own health coaches can also help guide you through disease management.

So what else do we offer?

  • Our coaching program. The importance of lifestyle, health, and wellness coaching has increased exponentially in the last few years. It’s one of the most sought-after parts of a good wellness program. And for good reason — just see our success stories. But so many times, coaching simply “checks a box” for the employer. Ours is different — our coaches want you to choose your right path, based on your needs and goals. They’re excited to walk next to you on your journey and engage with you along the way. There isn’t one program for all; there’s a program just for you.
  • Personalized contests. Sonic Boom prides itself on personalized contests, which can be created by the member itself. If your program isn’t offering something you want, make it yourself! Especially in these socially distant times, building a contest around any wellness topic is a productive way to maintain connection and accountability. Mental health and stress continue to be important topics into 2021, and our customizable contests can help boost morale around the workplace.
  • The Academy. We do not focus on any one aspect of health — rather, we focus on many, and our content reflects that. Members have access to top-hitting subjects, like sleep, nutrition, exercise, and more. They can expand their own knowledge base by completing readings and quizzes and use those results to inform their next coaching call. We don’t claim to be experts in any one field, but we do promise to bring helpful tips to anyone looking for them.
  • Your personal timeline. Many corporate-wellness programs lack a social component. Ours does not — it’s built around social connection. Members can share their activities with colleagues and celebrate each other’s healthy moments. One might argue that social media is its own point solution, when it comes to encouraging socializing. We like to think that Sonic Boom encourages socializing in one of the places that matters most: at work.

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