The warp-speed evolution of digital wellbeing

by Nov 18, 2021

If there’s one person whose energy and enthusiasm can truly transcend any virtual environment, it’s our co-founder and CEO, Danna Van Noy! In case you haven’t heard, she’s a bestselling author as well … because she does all the things, all the time, 24/7, in the world of digital wellbeing and health and wellness.

During a recent webinar, Danna talks about what’s coming from Sonic Boom in 2022, why we continue to stand out in the digital wellbeing market (14 years later!), and, yes, why traditional corporate wellness programs historically haven’t worked. (Weird thing to say, right?)

Watch the webinar

If you’re interested in hearing and seeing more (why wouldn’t you be?!), click on the image below to view the 30-minute webinar, hosted by Shortlister. Use password SonicBoomWellness111021 to access, and enjoy!

Main webinar takeaways:

  • You asked, we answered! Total Rewards by Sonic Boom Wellness is coming. Total Rewards is for clients needing a customizable incentive-management platform but aren’t seeking a program as comprehensive and robust as Sonic Boom. Stay tuned for this new offering in 2022!
  • Dare we say, Sonic Boom thrived during the pandemic, which placed mental wellbeing at the top of the priority list. Hear how we continued to do what we do best: providing a top-notch social connectivity tool made for any and every work atmosphere.
  • Corporate wellness doesn’t always work. Here’s why.

Want to learn more? You know we’d love to hear from you! Send a request for additional information.


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