What does white-glove service mean for corporate wellness?

by Mar 9, 2021

In the transportation industry, white-glove service takes a more literal meaning. By definition, white-glove services means movers or shippers literally wear white gloves to protect the product. But when it comes to the corporate-wellness industry, how does white-glove service translate? Here at Sonic Boom, it quite simply means going above and beyond the standards set by the industry. And regardless of which corporate-wellness program you choose, this should be something you look for.

We knew our account-management and member-support services were good, but we didn’t think they were a differentiator until the nation’s leading brokers and consultants told us more about industry norms. First of all, many companies serve 2,000+ clients, and few can recall the names of each client. That’s not how we operate; Sonic Boom partners with every single client and makes Total Client Happiness (TCH) the highest priority. That’s our version of white-glove service!

Second, more than half of our staff works in the “customer success” realm, serving our clients and their respective members. To compare, most corporate-wellness vendors are more staffed in the sales and marketing arenas. When selecting a wellness program for your team members, it’s important to inquire about the level of support provided to all clients and members.

So, what should TCH really look like? At Sonic Boom, TCH means quick and thorough service for individual members — all with an enthusiastic smile! Our response time to member queries is more than four times faster than the industry average. With a 98% satisfaction rating on support tickets, we can also confidently say that our members appreciate our efficiency. A good corporate wellness program puts member satisfaction first – not second, third, or further down.

For our employer clients, TCH means meticulous attention to detail, proactive consultation, and unmatched strategic support. In other words, we don’t thrive on simply maintaining our clients’ programs. That’s not what we enjoy. Rather, we pride ourselves on delivering anticipatory, consultative service to minimize the burden on you. We’re a partner in deploying your wellness program, and we’ll do most of the legwork for you (if that’s what you prefer).

Your job already takes up most of your time, and we know that running a full-blown wellness initiative can sound daunting. That’s why WE stay busy trying to make your life easier. Our goal is to energize the program and maximize engagement for years to come, and the only way to do that is with top-notch, white-glove service. If you’re in the market for a corporate-wellness program, consider these details when selecting the right vendor for you.

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