Who are our co-founders?

by Jan 26, 2021

Maybe you’ve read our company story on our website — Sonic Boom Wellness was born out of frustration. Danna Van Noy (Korn) and Bryan Van Noy were disappointed by a lack of participation in corporate wellness programs, so, in 2008, they decided to create the most engaging, innovative wellness program on the planet.

However, Sonic Boom is much more than just its platform and digital functionalities. Our co-founders and Boom crew also live and breathe the philosophies of the company. But why does that matter? Danna says, “What people do for fun is always key to understanding who they are.” So to know our co-founders is to know our company dynamic.

What’s one word to describe Danna and Bryan’s lifestyle? Adrenaline, something Danna says is common among entrepreneurs. “Our idea of ‘fun’ is to push ourselves outside our comfort zone, which typically means being terrified. Extreme action sports are top on our list of ‘leisure’ activities.”

Together, they enjoy things like car racing, helicopter/extreme skiing, or any other new-and-crazy endeavors. One time, that meant doing a week-long Bear Grylls Survival Course, where they learned survival skills for two days and got set loose in the middle of nowhere — with no food, water, fire, or shelter. Sounds insane, right? For most of us, it probably is, but for Danna and Bryan, it’s simply their way of life.

“We’re addicted to adrenaline and endorphins and are always searching out the next crazy adventure. And good thing our idea of fun is to push ourselves outside our comfort zone. I can’t think of much that’s less ‘comfortable’ than to start a company in the middle of the 2008 recession. We just had a crazy idea and not much more.”

Danna and Bryan’s thirst for adventure and healthy lifestyle positively influences their professional lives as the leaders of Sonic Boom, too. Danna says they “walk the walk,” which helps with the stresses of running a successful wellness company. “Some don’t realize how much stress there is in this role. We don’t have the luxury of having a lot of ‘chiefs’ doing our jobs, and we wear about 24 hats here. It’s a LOT to handle. So making sure we get plenty of exercise — pretty much one of the higher priorities in our outside-work life — helps, even if it’s sometimes a chore.” 

It’s also nice to know that, despite their appetite for extreme endeavors that many of us don’t even dream about, Danna and Bryan are still human — just like the rest of us. 2020 still affected them. “I’ll admit that we’re not the best at ‘eating our own dog food’ when it comes to a work-life balance, at least not lately,” says Danna. “2020 [threw] more than a few curveballs our direction, and it seems just when we feel we can start to relax, a new one is coming at us from left field.”

Of course, it’s their grit that got them through the hardest moments of keeping the company alive. That same grit is what it takes to create and maintain the everyday healthy habits that Sonic Boom encourages and promotes among its members. “I find knowing what people do for fun to be a great way to know them more deeply than what they present on the surface, especially when those ‘fun things’ are surprising,” explains Danna. That’s also why grit and perseverance, paired with social engagement, are such a giant part of the Sonic Boom program — and why Danna believe it’s important for every member to know its co-founders. They are getting out there, every day, living the same life they encourage others to live through Sonic Boom Wellness.

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