Why culture matters at Sonic Boom Wellness

by Nov 4, 2020

We’ve all heard the saying: Happiness is contagious. If you surround yourself with like-minded, happy people, you’re more likely to adopt those attitudes into your own life. The same applies when working with the wellness experts at Sonic Boom Wellness. We personalize programs and apply Best Practices, taking into consideration your requests, goals, and concerns. It’s important to us to make sure your company culture is positive, and we pride ourselves in that!

So why should our own internal culture matter to you? Does our company culture impact the work we do for you? The answer is yes, because happiness is contagious. If our employees are happy while they work hard to make your employees happy, that shines through in our custom-designed wellness programs. We work just as hard at maintaining a positive work environment here at Sonic Boom as we do to create that for you.

A focus on our own colleague wellness is partly what makes us exceptional in our field. Seeing the optimistic results around our own office (or over video conference calls) reinforces that we not only care about what we do, but we’re also good at it. And we use that helpful peer feedback to inform our strategy with each client. What keeps our own team satisfied? We want to present those ideas to you. What brightens our colleagues’ most difficult pandemic days? We want to try those strategies with you. What motivates our team to remain productive? We want to share it with you.

People often say that things you admire in others are simply a mirror of things you admire in yourself. If you look at Sonic Boom and see productivity, positivity, happiness, and fun, then we are doing our job right.