Flexibility is the new “office perk”

by Jul 19, 2022

Ping-pong tables and kitchen snacks are out — work flexibility and freedom are in! Long gone are the days of touting a cool game room or extra sweets around the office. Open up any job description, and pluses include things like: flexible work schedules, “remote OK,” unlimited PTO, etc. Work flexibility is the new job “perk” that many employees are seeking from current or future employers.

Just take a peek at our super scientific poll that we conducted on LinkedIn — 59% cited “more work flexibility” as their favorite thing about remote work. And it makes sense — COVID-19 has done nothing if not shown all of us that the lines are truly blurry between work and family life … and that’s okay.

Navigating work flexibility

So when it comes managing different schedules, time zones, out-of-offices, and other moving components of an employee’s day, how can we keep connection and collaboration flowing at all times? A solid wellness program is one way — a platform that does the legwork for you when it comes to facilitating challenges and contests, providing kudo opportunities, incentivizing team building, and other extracurricular activities. (Spoiler alert: Sonic Boom does all of that, and we do it well.)

Outside of considering your first or next digital wellbeing partner, here are some other things to think about.

Task management systems

We know — who doesn’t use one these days? However, this is gold when it comes to managing larger projects involving multiple departments in various locations. Systems like Taskray, Asana, or JIRA can definitely help keep the ship moving if you’re newer to workplace flexibility.

Core hours

Asking employees to be online 10 – 3 p.m. local time (or at least available) is an effective way of making sure there’s some overlap for collaboration.

Open-door policy

If you’re a manager or team leader, reinforce an open-door policy when you’re online. But also hold your own boundaries around scheduling. This shows your team that you’re available to them but also honor your own flex time (and it’s okay for them to do the same!).

PTO models

There are pros and cons to “unlimited PTO,” and there are pros and cons to an accrual or different model. And of course, state laws can vary regarding paid time off. Do the research to see what fits best with company needs and employee needs. Maybe it’s a blend of both; employees should use PTO time every year!

Even playing field

Offer the same flexible options to all employees, regardless of family status or job title.

Wellbeing platform

If you use a digital wellbeing vendor, hype it up with your client success manager and admins! This helps employees stay connected after work hours and keeps motivation up when it comes to work projects.

If you’re seeking a wellbeing program to help boost morale, maintain productivity, and work around the clock to keep employees engaged, reach out to us to learn more about what we do.