Sonic Boom in a nutshell…

It was June of 2007. Danna and Bryan, armed with lots of ambition (and little to lose) had retreated to Zion National Park. They camped on an idyllic mesa, overlooking the valley below, and pondered their futures. One had recently spent seven years at one of the nation’s leading corporate wellness companies. The other was a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author in the field of nutrition, and motivational powerhouse. Both were prepared to risk everything to compete in the corporate wellness space.

By campfire, the naïve, bright-eyed co-founders talked through the night about building a new breed of wellness company. With a blank slate and uninhibited freedom, the ideas flowed. Without knowing it, the seeds for new company had been planted. It was far from perfect, but it was edgy, innovative, and outside-the-box. The company DNA was imprinted, for better or worse. There was no turning back.

Sonic Boom Wellness, a Premise Health company, drives long-term behavior change by creating personalized programs people love and want to take part in. 

As one of the nation’s leading employee-wellness vendors, Sonic Boom’s comprehensive, energized platform (which includes a mobile app that has full functionality of the desktop version) fosters consistent, sustained engagement in daily health-habit improvement through social interactions, gamification, competition, cooperation, and praise/recognition – helping members improve their quality of life at work and at home.

Sonic Boom focuses first and foremost on the core drivers of behavior change, inspiring members to make consistent improvements that result in healthier habits for life.  And it goes far beyond physical activity to include optimal nutrition, financial fitness, stress-management, sleep, mental wellbeing, and more.  Sonic Boom also delivers biometric screenings and health assessments – as well as a unique approach to intense personalized health coaching – all within its comprehensive employee-wellness hub.

In an industry full of one-size-fits-all vendors trying to be everything to everyone, Sonic Boom remains laser-focused on engaging employees (and their families) in healthy behaviors at work and at home – using its innovative, easy-to-use programs to shift individual lifestyles (and entire cultures) toward better overall wellbeing.

Key features

  • Fully customizable contests and challenges (org-wide and member-generated) (unlimited)
  • Caught Ya™ peer-to-peer recognition system
  • Flexible and automated incentive management
  • Challenge-of-the-Day™ (fresh/inspiring content across all categories of wellbeing)
  • Sonic Academy™ (interactive educational content including videos, quizzes, and courses)
  • Goals and Trackers
  • 4+ live Leaderboards
  • 7+ methods of custom communication
  • Boomer Bucks™ online incentive catalog (optional)
  • 1-on-1 health/lifestyle coaching (optional)
  • Tobacco cessation (optional)
  • Fully integrated biometric screenings (optional)
  • Premium mental-wellbeing content library (optional)


  • Industry leader in active engagement (not just completion of a one-time activity to earn a reward)
  • The most gamified and socially charged platform on the market
  • The most flexible/configurable/customizable platform in its class
  • HIPAA / GDPR / SOC II compliant
  • Unparalleled white-glove service (consultative and nurturing account-management teams)
  • Top-notch member support
  • Industry leader in innovation
  • Wholly owned and managed by the original two founding CEOs (with 13+ years of profitable growth = stability in an unstable marketplace)

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