Incentive Management

The 2023 Kelly Global Re:work Report cited that today’s workforce feels unloved, overworked, and overlooked when it comes to their jobs. Thoughtful, agile incentive management programs can help reverse that trend, when implemented strategically and with the end user in mind. Reward shouldn’t be the sole reason a member logs into their program, but they can be a perk of that program. Sonic Boom works to ensure that each client’s rewards design complements the effectiveness of their wellbeing solution, not overrides it.



Are you looking for a flexible, non-restrictive incentive platform? Simple automation? Personalized language for various employee segments? Do you want a program that works with you to optimize not only participation, but also long-term engagement among employees?

Our incentive management program can help with that. It’s infinitely flexible, fully integrated, and outcomes-capable. Whether you want simple or layered incentives; self-reported or validated activities; and/or participation-, effort-, or outcome-based rewards, we can individualize and automate incentive plans for your specific employee population. Rewards also allows for a variety of currencies with multiple pathways to earn the prize — all fully tailorable by you, with hands-on guidance from our experienced account-management team.

Our incentive platform can also integrate with other data sources and programs. We accept secure data feeds (fully HIPAA- and ADA-compliant) for biometric screenings, health assessments, disease management, health plans, and any other worksite wellness or local activities that contribute to your incentive-management program. We also export data to all the same players, including payroll processors for employee incentive fulfillment. As is the case with our entire program, tailored incentives comes at no additional cost!

The best way to experience the full range of capabilities is to request a demo. We are excited and ready to tell you about improvement-based awards and how to measure and track the most important predictors of overall productivity.


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Boomin' Bucks

Our incentive-tracking software will help you no matter what type of reward currency you wish to dish out (premium differentials, HSA contributions, bonus PTO days, cool prizes, etc.).

If you’re also looking for fully automated incentive fulfillment, Boomin’ Bucks (BB) is the answer. BB is our virtual currency that allows employees to “shop” online for merchandise they love. The more healthy habits they engage in, the more BB they earn; it’s all dictated by you and fully automated by us.

Our catalog includes thousands of ever-changing, must-have items, from electronics to fitness gear, experiential and charitable rewards, and dozens of other categories. Employees save up their BB, choose the item(s) they want within our catalog, and we deliver everything directly to them. 

The employer can tailor and award any amount of BBs to any activity they want. Some examples are: achieving a new point threshold, winning a contest, outstanding service, passing safety requirements, hitting a sales goal, or improving biometric health outcome. Whatever matters to the employer matters to us.

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Prize Points


If you wish to award members with real prizes as they reach new milestones in the wellness program, our system will automatically award Prize Points for the most meaningful habit-improvement activities. Members can earn Prize Points for completing key incentive activities and work toward the larger points goal that you, the admin, decide for each activity, category, and/or rewards period.

Like everything else in our fully configurable program, we start you off with our standard system, then we tailor it to fit your unique needs and goals. It’s your program — let’s design it together!

Customize your currency

From HSA contributions, to bonus PTO days, to raffle drawings for exciting prizes, any currency can be tailored to fit the needs of your Rewards design. And there’s no need to pick just one; you can award different types of prizes for different types of activities and achievements. Some commonly used currencies are listed below.

Our robust and comprehensive wellness platform is more than a “check-the-box” program. If this sounds like the kind of flexibility and service you need, let’s set up a time to chat and walk through our capabilities. Contact us

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Bonus PTO

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