Sonic Boom Co-Founder Shares Her Burnout-Recovery Plan

by Jul 25, 2018

Burnout is natural and can happen to anyone (especially leaders/founders!), so having a burnout-recovery plan is crucial for us to be able to ramp up our work-life wellbeing.

On this episode of the Thriving Launch Podcast, Luis and Kamala summoned the expertise of our very own Co-founder and CEO (Chief Energizing Officer) Danna Korn – given her background as a founder/executive in the health-tech / corporate wellness space.

Check it out, as Danna talks about the reasons why leaders experience burnouts and how we can improve our wellbeing so we can function at our full potential (without … you know … burning out).

Key Takeaways

  • Exercise is the best outlet for stress since it generates adrenaline and endorphins.
  • As a leader, you should be more honest with yourself, your employees, and your colleagues when you’re getting burned out.
  • Having not enough transparency is one of the things that causes burn out.
  • When we’re burned out, one of the first things to do is to identify you’re burning out in the first place.
  • Taking time away from your workplace can make you more productive.
  • Team members can experience burnout when they’re uncertain about their job expectations, have to navigate overly convoluted / complicated processes, and don’t have clearly defined roles.


Listen to the podcast and read the original article here.