Sonic Boom & Globus ‘Store and Send’ Calories to Fight Global Starvation

by Oct 8, 2015

Carlsbad Corporate Wellness Company Teams Up with Calorie Cloud to Make an Inspirational International Impact by Fighting to End Hunger CARLSBAD, Calif., Oct. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Carlsbad-based Sonic Boom Wellness, in conjunction with the Globus Family of Brands and philanthropic partner, Calorie Cloud, is thrilled to announce its rescue of nearly 80 lives from the threat of starvation – a feat accomplished simply by burning extra calories throughout the day! Earlier in 2015, Sonic Boom teamed up with Calorie Cloud to create a philanthropic employee wellness challenge called Hunger on the Move, which challenged workers to put a dent in worldwide starvation while getting fit. For the duration of the challenge, Globus employees got extra active to burn extra calories– leveraging Sonic Boom’s proprietary high-tech activity trackers to walk, run, bike, swim, and more, all calories burned were recorded and stored in the Calorie Cloud. For every 500 calories that Globus employees burned during the month-long challenge, Calorie Cloud sent one ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) packet to The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). The packets were then distributed to Kijabe Hospital in Kenya. The impact of this Hunger on The Move challenge was extraordinary, with Globus employees collectively burning nearly five million calories. This translated to nearly ten thousand RUTF packets donated, which saved the lives of nearly 80 children. Founder and CEO of MANA nutrition and creator of Calorie Cloud, Mark Moor, had nothing but positive feedback for Globus, “Thanks to Globus’ spirited efforts through Sonic Boom, enough RUTF packages were distributed amongst malnourished children in Africa to save nearly 80 lives! Their employees shattered our expectations – it delights us to see a group of coworkers rally around such a meaningful cause. Over the past year, Calorie Cloud has collectively saved nearly 6,000 lives and is proud to keep bumping that number up as we grow and work with more great companies like Sonic Boom and Globus!” With this new form of competition, Sonic Boom is boosting participation in its clients’ wellness programs – encouraging them to leverage charitable/philanthropic motivation to get more people involved and excited about healthy activities. “Thanks to Calorie Cloud and their innovative approach to engagement, Sonic Boom could not be more proud to report the results of Globus’ Hunger on the Move contest. Lives were saved, while employees pushed to better themselves! It’s a win-win!” Danna Korn, Sonic Boom’s Co-founder and Chief Energizing Officer (CEO) commented. “Making sure people get fit and have FUN is our priority, but if we can save even one life in the process it’s more than worth it. Knowing that Globus saved nearly 80 lives is incredible news and Sonic Boom is humbled to be a part of it.” And this is just the first chapter of what has the promise to be a lengthy new volume on worksite wellness. Following the success of the Globus campaign, Sonic Boom clients are lining up to coordinate their own Calorie Cloud challenges – with goals of saving hundreds of additional lives. About Sonic Boom Wellness As the first employee wellness program to focus on consistency and momentum in developing healthier habits, Sonic Boom delivers the most customizable variety of energizing wellness activities to helps employees build sustainably healthier lifestyles. Sonic Boom’s integrated engagement software maximizes social connectivity and accountability through competition, cooperation, positive peer pressure, and well-designed rewards systems – all within a holistic, mobile wellness hub. Founded in 2007 by Danna Korn and Bryan Van Noy, Sonic Boom is one of the fastest-growing wellness companies in the country, boasting an impressive global client list and even more impressive testimonials and references. Sonic Boom’s headquarters is in Carlsbad, CA.

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