Sonic Boom Wellness Partners with iRedeemHealth

by Mar 14, 2019

iRedeemHealth, an industry leader in health-and-wellness incentives and distribution, is pleased to partner with Sonic Boom Wellness to offer its world-class services to organizations who want to incentivize healthy employee behaviors with a seamless integration, as well as significant purchasing discounts on leading fitness devices and wellness products.

Sonic Boom Wellness is a leading wellness-engagement vendor focused on driving long-term behavior change by creating programs people love and want to take part in. Sonic Boom’s comprehensive wellbeing platform fosters consistent, sustained engagement in daily health-habit improvement through social interactions, gamification, competition, cooperation, and praise/recognition – helping members improve their quality of life at work and beyond.

iRedeemHealth creates a white-labeled online wellness mall with curated items tailored to specific groups of interests and needs from hundreds of top brands. Through this partnership, Sonic Boom’s clients can seamlessly access iRedeemHealth’s best-in-class health-and-wellness products, including:

  • Fitness and wearables
  • Healthy eating
  • Weight loss
  • Digital health products
  • Healthy living
  • Senior living
  • Mom and baby
  • Recreation
  • Sports and outdoors
  • Medical grade coaching kits

“We are excited to partner with an industry leader like Sonic Boom Wellness to offer convenient ways for employers to reward their employees. With iRedeemHealth, employees are incentivized with vouchers available in any denomination to redeem for items in the wellness mall. The use of the wellness mall can expand into a perks program – with vouchers for work anniversaries, birthdays, awards and more to help with program engagement.” says Ari Holtz, CEO of iRedeemHealth.

“Activity trackers are a great way to validate health-habit improvement,” said Danna Korn, co-founder of Sonic Boom.  “Lots of people want to take advantage of that part of our program, but don’t have a device – we’re excited to make it easy for them to get one, and at significant discounts.”

Through this partnership, employees can simply log into the Sonic Boom portal, participate in engaging personalized and social worksite-wellness programs (including stimulating and relevant challenges, sending “Caught Ya” recognition and acknowledgement to colleagues who practice heathy habits, completing personal Goals & Trackers, and more) while being rewarded with the freedom to shop from an employer-branded shopping mall of goods.

“We’ve even worked with iRedeemHealth to allow employers to subsidize devices for those who wish to do so,” said Korn.  “We’re excited about creating greater accessibility to these great products.”

About iRedeemHealth

iRedeemHealth is the industry leader in health and wellness distribution, providing the finest brands of fitness and wellness products at highly competitive prices. Large employers and insurance companies partner with iRedeemHealth to offer a specialized incentive program of vouchers to their employees and insured, who can then shop for state-of-the-art health and wellness items.

iRedeemHealth is a subsidiary of Tryko Partners, a private equity investment group with a focus on health care, wellness and recovery established in 1989. Tryko is led by a carefully assembled group of seasoned management professionals and a core team supported by more than 4,500 employees in-house and in the field.

About Sonic Boom Wellness

With the most energized and stimulating wellness platform on the market, Sonic Boom drives long-term behavior improvement while improving company culture and increasing employee retention.  Sonic Boom’s robust, comprehensive wellbeing program promotes active engagement through social connectivity and personalized programs. Eschewing the simplistic “check-the-box” approaches many larger vendors take, Sonic Boom offers meaningful, relevant activities with a holistic approach to wellbeing; offers unrivaled consultative, anticipatory service; and has the most sophisticated rewards platform on the market.

Founded in 2007 by Danna Korn and Bryan Van Noy, Sonic Boom is one of the fastest-growing wellness companies in the country, boasting an impressive global client list and even more impressive testimonials and references. Sonic Boom’s Intergalactic Headquarters is in Carlsbad, CA.

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