Sonic Boom Co-Founder Featured on Money Savage Podcast

by Jul 29, 2020

Danna Van Noy, Sonic Boom co-founder and former CEO*, was featured on an episode of popular Money Savage podcast.

On this episode of Money Savage MAXIMIZE, Danna and host George Grombacher discussed:

  • Why so many engagement and wellness initiatives fail
  • How to develop programs that people actually want to take part in
  • Why employers should focus on VOI instead of ROI with wellness programs

Money Savage shares financial tips from successful business owners in a diverse range of industries, with the goal to show other business owners how to grow their own companies. Danna was thrilled to lend her advice and Sonic Boom’s story as a source of inspiration for others who are starting their own businesses and/or looking to implement a new wellness program.

Click here to listen to the full episode and learn why FUN is an essential component to any successful health-and-wellness initiative!

*Sonic Boom Wellness was acquired by Premise Health in February 2021.