Sonic Boom Wellness CEO Featured on Millionaire Interviews Podcast

by Dec 14, 2017

Danna Korn, Sonic Boom’s co-founder and CEO (Chief Energizing Officer), was recently interviewed on the latest episode of the popular Millionaire Interviews podcast.

Listen in to learn some interesting insights from the mind of our company’s co-founder, as well as fascinating tidbits from Sonic Boom’s past, including:

  • The inspiration that led to the founding of Sonic Boom
  • How Danna got the gig of writing several bestsellers in the “For Dummies” series
  • Early obstacles that were thrown at the fledgling corporate wellness company
  • The time we stepped away from our core competency (and learned to never do it again)
  • Why you should embrace failure
  • …and as a bonus, you’ll discover a few of Danna’s favorite things

Millionaire Interviews shares the stories of business founders in the product, service, real estate, and tech industries – helping to show and inspire other business owners to grow their own companies. Danna was thrilled to lend her experiences and Sonic Boom’s story as a source of inspiration for others who are getting started with their own businesses.

The full episode is available for streaming and comes with oh-so-useful time stamps, so you can skip around to all of your favorite parts – enjoy!