Sonic Boom Teams Up with Healbright to Offer Mental Wellbeing Tools

by Mar 17, 2020

CARLSBAD, Calif., Mar. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Schedules and routines are paramount to proper mental wellbeing.  And thanks to COVID-19, our schedules and routines just got royally wrecked.

Cancellations, closures, and constraints abound – and while we all know the preventive importance of this isolation period, it in no way lessens the stress and anxiety caused by our disrupted realities.

In response to the pandemic, Sonic Boom Wellness has teamed up with emotional-wellbeing specialty vendor Healbright to deliver a custom collection of stress-management resources for everyone dealing with COVID-19 stress – free of charge through April 30, 2020.

“There’s not a soul who isn’t stressed by this in one way or another,” says Danna Van Noy, Sonic Boom’s Co-founder and CEO, “and it appears we’re in for a lot more anxiety and uncertainty before this storm passes. We’re in the business of helping employees improve their health habits, and we thought everyone could benefit from something like this. We’re incredibly proud of our partners at Healbright for delivering this custom stress-management course so quickly and completely.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created an accompanying mental-health crisis,” says Bill Belanger, Co-Founder and CEO of Healbright. “The resources we’re providing in partnership with Sonic Boom are designed to help individuals manage their stress and build resilience from home. By making these resources widely available, we hope to play our part in lessening the widespread hardship from this outbreak.”

Just as important as mental wellbeing at a time like this? You guessed it – exercise and proper nutrition. “We’ve seen people stocking up on canned goods and other processed foods,” says Van Noy, “and as important as it is to be prepared, nothing boosts your immune system better than fresh veggies and exercise. Oh, and bonus – both help boost your mental wellbeing too.”

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About Sonic Boom Wellness

With the most social, gamified, and customizable wellbeing platform, Sonic Boom is reputed for its engagement and success in driving health-habit improvement. Sonic Boom’s integrated engagement software maximizes motivation and accountability through competition, cooperation, positive peer pressure, and well-designed rewards systems – all within a comprehensive and mobile wellness hub. Founded in 2007 by Danna Korn and Bryan Van Noy, Sonic Boom is headquartered in Carlsbad, CA.

About Healbright

Healbright creates online mental wellness programs that provide the many benefits of therapy via home accessibility. Healbright’s expert mental health instructors educate users on methods to reduce stress, practice meditation, and become more effective in their relationships. Healbright offers its programs to both large and small organizations to make mental wellness accessible, affordable and stigma-free. For more information visit