Sonic Boom Named Top-10 Employee Wellness Solution Provider

by Sep 25, 2018

Sonic Boom Wellness was recently named a Top-10 Employee Wellness Solution Provider — recognized for leading the engagement category of wellness with its comprehensive suite of holistic employee-wellbeing services, and its unique focus on behavior change through daily health habit improvement. Here’s HR Tech Outlook’s take on Sonic Boom’s award-winning wellness program:

Facilitating Sustainable Health-Habit Improvement

It was a cool summer evening when Bryan Van Noy and Danna Korn were capping off their endless day of brainstorming new business ideas on their backyard patio. It was only a week ago that the dynamic duo had deliberated about facilitating the corporate world with a new breed of wellness offerings. “Historically, the wellness industry has pivoted on the clinical aspect of wellness while actual engagement has largely remained tangential. We knew that this approach didn’t encourage long-time routine behavior change, so we decided to go beyond the traditional wellness outlook,” states Van Noy. Aiming to break the barriers in the wellness industry, Bryan and Danna co-founded Sonic Boom Wellness.

It has been 11 years since then, and Sonic Boom has indeed successfully overcome many obstacles by offering fun-filled and socially contagious wellness programs. “The reason people don’t engage in corporate wellness is the lack of purpose in these programs, which are often boring, simplistic, and made mandatory. We are disrupting this ‘traditional’ concept of wellness by creating innovative programs that drive massive and sustained participation even among the most hard-to-reach employee populations,” says Van Noy. “We go way beyond physical activity and nutrition programs. We focus on social connectivity, cultural influence, device integration, contests and challenges, and the whole idea of adopting healthier habits on a daily routine basis, unlike traditional players.”

At the core of its offering lies a simple but enlightening thought, ‘What can be done to create programs that employees love and want to take part in?’ Sonic Boom solves this challenge by creating programs that are more social-based, engaging, individually customized and relevant, and that employ stimulating gaming mechanics as opposed to simplistic activities. They create a platform where employees can interact to motivate and inspire each other and foster wellbeing and accountability. For instance, Sonic Boom offers an ‘Instagram of Wellness’ social platform through which employees can post photos and reward each other for healthy behaviors.

Danna is also proud of its sophisticated contest engine, which employs creative mechanics beyond the typical “Most steps wins.” Participating members are also allowed to create their own contests, which means they’re personal and relevant – further encouraging engagement.

Because it’s a program that people want to participate in, Sonic Boom does not have to rely on incentives to drive engagement. Clients are encouraged to migrate from the pitfalls of heavy financial investments in incentives and focus more on experiential prizes that create memories and stories. Rather than awarding employees for doing one-time activities that don’t drive long-term behavior change, Sonic Boom rewards for effort and activities that are leading indicators for long-term habit improvement. For instance, employees may be rewarded for sustaining long-term activity goals such as 7,500 steps/day for 200 days/year. And using social motivation, employees may be rewarded if they achieve a group goal.

An innovator in the corporate wellness landscape, Sonic Boom’s own employees embrace the philosophies that are so effective in driving long-term behavior change. The company’s ‘Boomers’ actively participate in the program, truly walking the walk of wellness.

As a leading corporate wellness company focused on creating custom programs and impeccable service offerings, Sonic Boom is committed to continuing on the path that has proven to be effective in the past.  A pioneer and innovator, the company is pushing the envelope to create programs that drive engagement, ultimately resulting in long-term, sustained behavior change.

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Premise Health acquired Sonic Boom Wellness in February 2021.