Dan D.

Infrastructure Architect

“So thirsty!”

Why I’m here?

I got sucked in by the tractor beam of awesomeness here at Sonic Boom. It’s so refreshing to be surrounded by such a great group of positive people who are excited to improve the wellbeing of others. This is the first job where I’ve been excited about what the company does. Well, mostly … I worked at a bike shop way back, and I really love bikes.

Favorite food

My favorite meal: Pizza, sushi, ice cream, and beer, all inside of a California burrito. Extra spicy, please! I may need a beer to help wash that down.

Favorite exercise

Anything with wheels, water, or loss of contact with the earth. I grew up doing BMX, motocross, and surfing. These days my main form of exercise is mountain biking. To keep my arms balanced with my legs, I stick with 16-oz curls.

Fun facts

  • Sorry, there are no fun facts about me.
  • Refer to #1.
  • Just kidding! The thing people trip out on most is the BMX/MTB wonderlands we transformed our last couple yards into: big jumps, small jumps, rollers, berms, rock rolls – even a huge wall ride. Despite all that, I do enjoy sitting behind a keyboard.


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