Client Success Manager

“More coffee!”

Why I’m here?

The Boom practices what they preach.  It’s a great day on the job when you’re surrounded by coworkers who care about the well-being of others (and themselves!).

Favorite food

Sushi. Cereal also holds a special place in my heart.

Favorite exercise

Surfing, climbing, running . . . in the mountains, as far as possible.  I also have a lifelong addiction to soccer that I have no plan to . . . kick.

Fun facts

  • I have run at least 1 mile in 45 states. 
  • I have held separate university research positions that studied flamingos and white sharks . . . but have yet to fully understand the evolutionary adaptations of the duck-billed platypus.
  • I have taught Biology in each grade from 7th – 12th, and coached the high school soccer team.

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