Member Success Team Lead

“Love is better shared.”

Why I’m here?

I love connecting with people.  I am happy to be a part of a company that values not only physical heath, but the whole picture of mind, body, and soul.  I hope to bring a little bit of cheer to your day.

Favorite food

My family and I love trying new recipes and cooking together when we can.

Favorite exercise

I love my family outings (whether we’re walking on the beach or trails) and the conversations we have. I have always been a fan of super-slow training.

Fun facts

  • My dad was so convinced that I was a going to be a boy at birth that he told the nurse to name me Anthony Bruno – she had to remind him that he had a daughter and she might not appreciate that name. 
  • I lived in Treasure Island during the 1989 earthquake. When part of the Bay Bridge collapsed, my sisters and I had to take a navy boat and a ferry to school for over a month.
  • I love cheesy romance movies, and I’m also a sucker for the dance movies.

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