Lindsay B.


“You had me at pizza”

Why I’m here?

I love being a part of company that lives and breathes my passion for health and overall well-being. Everyone here is motivated, smart and fun. Being able to truly make a difference in people’s lives is so rewarding!

Favorite food

I eat pretty healthy for the most part but when I’m looking to indulge I’m most likely going to go for a pizza or Mexican food. Living in San Diego has made me a HUGE cali burrito and carne asada fries lover. Throw in a glass of wine or beer with either of these meals and I’m all set! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Favorite exercise

I love lifting, whether it’s using dumbbells, kettle bells, or Olympic lifting- I love it all! I also enjoy running, hot yoga and hiking.

Fun facts

  • I’m a big Clemson tigers fan. I went to school there and played for the soccer team. Anytime Clemson football is playing, you can guarantee that I will be watching them!
  • I met Jimmy Dean (the sausage man) in my fourth grade class.
  • I am an amazing parallel parker. I take pride in knowing I can fit into a space on my first try.

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