Meghan W.

Director of Software Product Management

“Life’s a garden. Dig it.”

Why I’m here?

There is no surprise that, as a whole, the U.S. needs to adopt healthier habits. Here at Sonic Boom Wellness, you can definitely be part of the solution and help motivate people to get up and get moving!

Favorite food

Eating is definitely a hobby of mine and I do it well. If I had to pick one last meal for myself though, it would be Thanksgiving dinner.

Favorite exercise

I like a lot of different sports/activities like softball, soccer, football, racquetball, kayaking and full-contact spoons.

Fun facts

  • I played softball in college and went 231 at bats without striking out.
  • I dig scary movies and scary haunted houses.
  • I am deathly allergic to horses.

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