Sarah M.

Vice President of Wellbeing Strategy

“Open your mind before your mouth!”

Why I’m here?

I am SUPER PASSIONATE about all things Wellness and have an unyielding commitment to data-driven and evidence-based intervention. The most effective way to drive population-based health improvements is through sustainable (and fun) behavior change engagement tactics which Sonic Boom Wellness happens to be THE LEADER at!

Favorite food

I enjoy eating all things in moderation but mostly stick to plants and clean proteins! I fully intend on living to be a Centenarian and nourishing my body with nutrient-laden foods is the best way to accomplish that goal!

Favorite exercise

I am an AVID water sports addict – rowed on the crew team in college. I live for anything nature-related (hiking, biking, gardening, skiing — can’t get enough of the outdoors + sporting)!

Fun facts

  • I have had an aversion to odd numbers since I was a little kid.
  • I grew up in a “town” with more cows than people.
  • Sometimes I feel really sad that I won’t get to travel EVERYWHERE that this incredible Earth has to offer! (“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”)

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