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Our core focus is improving employees’ daily health habits, driving massive, sustained engagement in ALL wellness activities, including social challenges and clinical health measurements.

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Who is Sonic Boom Wellness?

Sonic Boom Wellness, a Premise Health company, drives long-term behavior change by creating employee wellness programs that people love and actually want to take part in. We achieve massive, socially charged engagement in the widest variety of employee-wellness activities, helping to support sustainably healthier lifestyles and delivering Value On Investment among all types of employee populations. We help boost productivity, build and sustain positive culture, and cut long-run healthcare costs as the population becomes healthier.

Employees (and their families) engage in an assortment of wellbeing benefits, from increased physical activity, to optimal nutrition, to stress-management, and beyond, within an innovatively comprehensive wellness solution. Sonic Boom is the innovative market leader in challenge variety, customization, incentive-management flexibility, and Total Client Happiness™ …  all in support of our mission to drive small yet meaningful health-habit improvements for life.

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