Healthy Contests

Engagement Modules

Our fully configurable contest engine makes the program fun and relevant to every single employee. We provide more than static options that may or may not be interesting to you; our contests can be tailored to fit your needs. Contest topics are up to you — members can create a contest that address wellbeing topic that’s important to them.

Whether you want to be more physically active, eat better, avoid tobacco or alcohol, relax more, improve your mental health, grow your financial health, or improve your relationships, our contests and challenges inspire members to improve their health habits, embrace healthy competitions, or simply hold themselves accountable a certain goal or objective.

Member-created or companywide (see below), individual- or team-based, competitive and/or cooperative, validated or self-reported (or both!) — the sky’s the limit when it comes to custom wellbeing competitions through Sonic Boom.

Here are some real-life examples:

Skip the fast foodNutrition

Pick one food vice you want to skip, and aim to avoid it for 14 days during this contest.

Track 30 of 45 daysPhysical

Need a nudge off the couch? choose a healthy habit to track for at least 30 of the 45-day contest.

What is habit stacking?Healthy Habits

Want to start a new habit but feeling stuck on how to do it? Try habit stacking during this contest.

30 days of self-careMental Health

Self-care doesn't have to be complicated. Follow this 30-day calendar to take time for yourself every day.

Save $5 a dayFinancial

It's never too late (or too early) to start saving! Stash away $5 a day to build up your savings over time.

Pay it forwardCustom

Practice your helping hands by giving back to your community for 10 total hours during this contest.

Featured Contests

Featured contests allow you, the administrator, to host companywide and/or segmented contests that are “sponsored” by your organization. You have the power to create them on your own, and you can lean heavily on your account-management team to help you strategize and execute. Our member engagement specialist is always available, as well, to advise on best practices, draft content (depending on service level), and/or review client-provided copy.

Member-Created Contests

Every member (aka user) of our platform has the power to create custom contests and invite their colleagues to participate. They’re able to fully tailor the experience, from contest topic and goal, to length and imagery, and more! This allow all members to use the Sonic Boom platform the way it was meant to be used: to better the individual wellbeing of every person.

Daily Challenges

Engagement Modules

Our daily challenges invite participants to try a unique wellness tip every day. They’re stimulating, sometimes slightly outrageous, and always insightful. The challenges aim to bring an actionable item to each member during the work week, ranging from small, quick tasks, to more long-term goals. They cover all aspects of wellbeing, including physical activity, nutrition, financial, stress, sleep, mental health, and so much more.

We want people thinking (and doing!) wellness every single day, creating consistent habits at work and at home. Our wellness challenges have been known to turn even the most stubborn sideline-sitters into smiling wellness-doers. And we’ve got photos to prove it!

Caught Ya

Engagement Modules

When it comes to making healthy lifestyle improvements, praise should be shared in abundance. Our members have the ability to dole out encouragement liberally by “catching” coworkers engaging in healthy behaviors and awarding them with recognition.

Our Caught Ya social-connectivity module allows members to share photos for their peers to “like” and/or comment on with additional words of encouragement. Additionally, members can catch fellow colleagues engaging in healthy habits and give them a little shout out. (Don’t worry, the ‘caught’ colleague needs to approve the post before it’s public.) Struggling with engagement and connection at work? Nothing builds a stronger sense of camaraderie and morale than employees proactively noticing and rewarding each other for getting healthier!


Engagement Modules

We offer a steady stream of informative content and self-paced educational courses through our “Sonic Academy” module. Members can enroll in and engage with various courses, watch helpful videos, and complete topical quizzes to demonstrate their comprehension … all at their own pace. Our main Academy course categories include:

  • Financial health
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Hydration
  • Mental health (some in partnership with Healbright)

Clients on certain “service levels” also have the ability to add their own custom content, if requested. Your dedicated account-management team can facilitate that.

Goals & Trackers

One of the best ways to improve healthy habits is to track them. We make daily tracking simple by allowing members to set their own goals and parameters around recording their habits. Trackers include hydration, weight loss, servings of vegetables, and mood/energy. Members are also able to create their own custom tracker, setting all the specifics around goal type and tracking cadence. This gives members the autonomy and power to direct their own wellness journey, right in their Sonic Boom account.

Additionally, members can sync any compatible device to their Sonic Boom account to be added to the leaderboards. Learn more about that option and other My Health capabilities here.

Don't miss out!

From helpful trackers and leaderboards, to tailored contests and innovative challenges, our gaming mechanics aim to make the wellness experience easier, more accessible, and fun for all.

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