“My weight has fluctuated between 175-225 pounds for about 15 years. I am active — I walk several miles every day and ride about 30-40 miles a week on my bike. I have tried multiple “fad” diets over the years and did lose weight … but I always gained it back. I eat relatively healthy, with the exception of late-night snacks and the occasional fast food.

This year, my employer changed how we get our healthy incentive money. I knew my BMI was too high, and I would have to do other things to get the $1000 incentive. I signed up for a coach and got paired with Miriam. I knew those four sessions were my ticket to the prize money. We talked, and right away she made me feel at ease. I shared some of my struggles and that I really wanted to get healthy. We set realistic goals, including increasing my water intake, tracking calories to see where my biggest opportunities were, reducing snack days, and controlling portions.

Then we got to the good stuff — why was I snacking, and what was I feeling when I wanted that snack? It was almost always stress or anxiety. I was thinking about the next day, my schedule, and my to-do list, and I was comforting that anxiety with food.

Realizing that changed everything. Now I am doing yoga and mindfulness activities to reduce stress and anxiety. I am more conscious of my food choices. I have lost 12 pounds and am slowly making my way back to that healthy target weight and BMI. I am not dieting, and I do not deny myself food. It is portion control, healthy choices, water, physical activity, and mindfulness. I can do this long-term, and it is thanks to Miriam and her support and encouragement.

Those four sessions turned into 10-plus, and we are still going strong.”