Megan shared her Sonic Success Story with us in 2020, and we felt so inspired by her experience with the Sonic Boom program and our coaches. We followed up with her recently to see how things have been going, and she shared some exciting updates with us. This is where she’s at with her wellness journey.

How is coaching going for you today? 

“Great! I still talk to Coach Katy every six weeks or so for the accountability. We’re at a point now where my main goal is maintenance. This last year (during COVID) I took the opportunity to push myself so much harder than I had been before. I worked with Katy to figure out how to increase the intensity of my at-home workouts. Since I was working from home, I had the [flexibility] to be much more consistent with my workouts, and it paid off ten-fold. I got to a point where I was working out hard but needed a little more. Katy and I talked about what I was eating, and I ended up doing a month of no processed sugars or alcohol. I felt so great after, and it really kicked my habit of desserts and sweets. I still have a few drinks here and there but have made an effort to be conscious about the amount of sugar I have each day, which has helped tremendously.”

In your original Sonic Success Story, you mentioned losing 10 pounds and wanting to lose 5 more. Can you provide an update on where you are now on that journey? 

“I am at my goal weight and have been working to maintain it now! More importantly, I did blood work at the end of 2020 and compared my numbers to the year before. I was astonished! Yes, I felt like I looked better, but everything I couldn’t see was so much better, too. My cholesterol, BMI, blood pressure — I had always fallen in the normal range for those, but it all improved!”

That’s so great! You also mentioned the importance of being comfortable in your own skin. Can you share if that’s how you’re feeling now? 

“The number on the scale has never mattered much to me; I think my ultimate goal was to feel good and comfortable again. I wish I would have taken inch measurements last March and had them to compare to now. I wear my pre-baby jeans and shorts again, so I know it would have been a significant difference.”

Can you share if you’ve started any new programs with the help of coach Katy? This can be in the Sonic Boom program itself, or something else, like a new sport or activity.

“At the start of COVID, I started using the Nike Training app. I was following the trainer workout programs by Kristi Godso, which are entirely body weight, at-home HIIT workouts. I still use that app when I don’t want to write out my own workout for the day. My husband and I bought bikes to be able to have another option for staying active, and I coached my youngest son’s soccer team instead of sitting on the sidelines!”

You mentioned doing workouts with your kids around, at home, and in parks. Can you share how those are going and if your kid have started to join parts at all? That’s great that you coached their team!

“Yes! On the Nike Training app, there are kids programs, too. My kids started asking me to do those, so they wait for me to finish, and then I set them up with their own kids trainer program. They’ve loved it. They don’t let me get away with being lazy, either. If I miss a day or two in a row they ask me, “Mom, are we working out today?” Even after the gyms started opening back up, I haven’t been back. I accumulated more at-home equipment and have continued with at-home workouts only.”

That’s a great way to spend time with the family! Anything else you’d like to share regarding your coaching experience up until this point?

“I can’t say enough good things about Katy and how helpful she has been. She is so motivating, and even when I feel like I have had a bad month, she is so positive and reminds me that one bad month doesn’t discredit everything I’ve done so far. We just take it month by month, set reasonable and attainable goals, and push forward!”

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