Sonic Boom in a nutshell…

Sonic Boom Wellness drives long-term health improvement by creating personalized programs people love and want to take part in. While many wellness vendors follow a “check-the-box-to-get-your-goodies” approach, Sonic Boom specializes in building engagement.

Sonic Boom’s robust digital engagement platform includes native apps that provide full parity between mobile and desktop, helping members improve their quality of life at work, at home, and on the go. Our interactive programs drive sustained engagement in daily health-habit improvement through social connection, gamification, competition, cooperation, praise and recognition, and a variety of other features within a complete platform that has something for everyone. Sonic Boom also offers a Health Quality Assessment and seamless integrations with biometric screening vendors, combining powerful data elements with member-specific insights to cultivate a unique, tailored approach to lifestyle coaching – all housed within a comprehensive wellness hub for employees and their families.

An innovative leader since 2007, Sonic Boom is constantly studying behavioral economics and motivational theory while delivering extensive best-practice consultation and strategic support. Sonic Boom focuses first and foremost on the core drivers of behavior change, inspiring members to make consistent daily improvements that result in healthier habits for life. Going far beyond physical activity, our programs include engaging modules for optimal nutrition, financial fitness, stress management, sleep, mental wellbeing, and more. Because the Sonic Boom platform is fully customizable, it can promote campaigns around any prioritized company initiative (including safety, diversity and inclusion, values, community, etc.). In our post-COVID-19 world, one of the most sought-after benefits of Sonic Boom is its ability to socially connect people in a virtual environment. While this has always been a core advantage of the program, it has become even more sought after, with clients raving about the positive effects of the social connectivity we create. In fact, clients report that overall employee engagement, beyond just engagement in wellness, has been another benefit of our program.

In an industry full of one-size-fits-all wellness vendors , Sonic Boom remains laser-focused on engaging employees and their families in healthy behaviors at work and at home through fun and easy-to-use programs that shift individual lifestyles and entire cultures toward better overall wellbeing. Providing collaborative and consultative white-glove service, Sonic Boom’s goal is to make every client feel like they’re the only client – all are a big fish in a small sea.

Our service sweet spot includes clients with 1,000-10,000 employees, and we can scale to serve clients with more than 60,000 employees while successfully serving mid-market groups with a minimum of 200 employees. Our highly effective engagement programs do well in all industries, including software, finance, retail, municipalities, education, and manufacturing.

In February 2021, Sonic Boom was acquired by Premise Health, the largest direct healthcare company in the world and one of the largest digital providers in the country, serving more than 2,200 organizations and reaching over 11 million eligible members and their families. Through the acquisition, we’ll work with Premise to provide its clients and members with our interactive wellness platform to increase engagement and help people live healthier lives.

As a boutique-style vendor that’s now part of a larger organization, we’re excited to have new opportunities to positively impact more people with our unique wellness platform while advancing how we connect with members and clients. We will continue to be led by our co-founders with no disruption to clients. Any clients who currently partner or have interest in partnering with Premise can add our digital engagement platform to their offerings, which will integrate seamlessly across Premise’s digital and physical healthcare solutions. As Sonic Boom continues to evolve with Premise, there will be more exciting integration opportunities with our platform in the future.

For more details about the acquisition and its value to both organizations, as well as the clients and members we serve, you can read the press release here. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Key features:

  • Fully customizable contests and challenges (org-wide and member-generated) (unlimited)
  • Caught Ya™ peer-to-peer recognition system (with optional photo sharing)
  • Flexible and automated incentive management (custom; segmentable)
  • Challenge-of-the-Day™ (fresh and inspiring content across all categories of wellbeing)
  • Smart-recommendation engine (gets smarter over time and points to relevant resources as it learns participant goals and interests)
  • Sonic Academy™ (interactive educational courses with videos and quizzes)
  • Goals and trackers
  • Real-time leaderboards
  • Hub to promote and link to outside vendors and company resources
  • More than seven methods of custom communication (client has access too)
  • Fully automated digital catalog for incentive fulfillment (optional)
  • One-on-one health and lifestyle coaching (optional)
  • Tobacco cessation (optional)
  • Fully integrated biometric screenings (optional)
  • Premium mental wellbeing content library (optional)


  • Sonic Boom offers the most flexible and customizable platform in the industry, making it personally relevant for each member to drive sustained engagement in health-habit improvement
  • We drive engagement to more than just wellness activities, boosting overall awareness and participation in other company initiatives that result in a more engaged workforce overall
  • We’re known as the industry pioneer and leader in creating social connectivity, with content and actionable features that facilitate virtual interactions
  • We provide white-glove service with proactively consultative account management and top-notch member support, making each client feel like a big fish in a small sea
  • Our programs and communications can match the culture of any client – just because we’re fun and energetic doesn’t mean our clients HAVE to be
  • We operate an in-house Dev team, which means all of our programs have been built from scratch by us, they’re consistently improved and upgraded by us, and our development roadmap is controlled by us – not outsourced or glued together piecemeal
  • We have a Zero-Bug Policy – rather than pushing hundreds of software bugs to the side, our quality assurance (QA) and development teams are committed to squashing them before they get a chance to negatively impact the user experience
  • We’re constantly innovating and always pushing the industry forward with our out-of-the-box programming enhancements

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