Stuart’s story of weight loss and lifestyle changes is a good example of what can happen when you commit to big health goals. His dedication to dropping pounds and adjusting his habits yielded big results in many areas of his life, including improvement in his fibromyalgia management. Here’s his story:

“My story is a simple one. I was very much overweight, and I knew it. But, just over a year ago, I saw some photos of myself at a New Year’s Eve party — and that was it! I was fed up with looking and feeling unhealthy and overweight.

Because of my fibromyalgia, I was almost always too tired to exercise, and I was constantly in pain. However, seeing myself in those photos made my desire for change stronger than my laziness and discomfort. Something changed in me — I was determined to never, ever be that man again.

I began a pretty extreme diet and exercise regimen. I started intermittent fasting and walking more than 3 miles a day. I also began taking multivitamins like never before in my life. However, the biggest change for me was my water intake. I drank a minimum of 64 ounces each day, which felt like gallons to me.

My company’s involvement with Sonic Boom was underway, and I decided to try some of the challenges and activities. They were fun, but the one that resonated most with me was the consistent days of movement. I got on a bit of a roll and didn’t want to break the chain of consistent exercise days. It became a passion for me — not to break the chain.

Again, I was extremely determined to never go back to the man in those photos, and I used that as my motivation to keep going. It didn’t take long before I began to notice that I had more energy than before, and I really began to enjoy my “personal time” while walking.

My coach, Miriam, kept checking on me and encouraging me to eat healthy, keep walking, and stay hydrated. I knew that I’d be speaking with her every so often, and that motivated me to do well. She would hold me accountable in a totally positive manner — I felt supported but not badgered into continuing my journey. She has been amazing.

With her encouragement, I have noticed some major changes to my health. First, my weight started to slowly (then more rapidly, as I gained momentum) decrease. My sleep apnea went away completely. And, with each pound that came off, I was motivated to continue and work harder each day. My coach helped set realistic goals that challenged me but also encouraged me to keep going, maintain the momentum, and lean into the optimism and excitement that this change was manifesting in my life.

In total, I’ve lost over 105 pounds in just over a year. My fibromyalgia hasn’t totally gone away, but I’m only experiencing flare-ups during times of stress or when I’m not as diligent with my walking and moving. The biggest changes have been my energy level and overall motivation to stay healthy.

I’m no longer intermittent fasting; instead, I’m eating very small (but healthy) portions of a balanced diet 3-5 times per day. I’m religious with my water and vitamin intake each day, and the overall change in my life has been miraculous.

I’m enjoying a quality of life long forgotten. Simple things, like crossing my legs, sleeping through the night, and being able to be on my feet all day, have returned and make my life so much more enjoyable. Not to mention, I’ve gone from size 4XL to a large. People hardly recognize me!

I won’t sugar-coat it and say that it was easy, or that anyone can do it without a problem. That simply isn’t the case. There were (and are) many days of walking in the freezing cold, or leaving the dinner table with my water bottle in hand (and skipping all of the “good” stuff). But the result is worth the struggle.

I’m eternally grateful to Miriam, my coach, for her help, support, and advice. Sonic Boom has played an important part in my health journey, and I’ll be forever grateful.”