Note: Most of our Sonic Success Stories feature people who are eager to share about their weight-loss and/or other personal transformations (and we totally support that – way to go, y’all!).  But this success story is unique/special because it represents the people out there who use Sonic Boom “in the shadows” and on their own – not wanting to be in the spotlight or even share their journey with their coworkers.  Through our personal and anonymous coaching program (and various other tracking tools and resources), this member from a law firm in the Southeast United States was able to quietly achieve great personal success…


What changes have you made and how has your health improved as a result? (Health can be physical, mental, personal relationships, energy, productivity, etc.)

“I went from rarely exercising to exercising frequently and consistently. With Coach Sarah’s support, I was able to plan attainable goals that have led to a better exercise routine. Through that my health has improved on many levels. Physically, I’m starting to feel like “Me” again. I have more energy to put towards exercise, which is greatly improving flexibility and lessening joint strain – I don’t feel stiff and tense like I used to. Mentally, this process has been a life-changer. Once I recognized where I was holding myself back, I was able to acknowledge and make meaningful shifts in my thinking. I’m happier, more aware of my mental states, and better able to reframe negativity into something more positive. It’s like once my body wasn’t stiff anymore, my mind wasn’t either. I really feel like I’m becoming a better, calmer, more-centered person. It’s been a beautiful self-perpetuating circle. My body started to feel better so my mind followed, and then that made me want to work on my body more, which only helped my mind even more. Bonus: My significant other has started exercising more on his own! We never discussed it because this was my personal journey, but I believe my new routine has inspired him to make changes too!”


Had you tried other things in the past that did or didn’t work for you? What has it been about “this time” that has helped you stick with it?

“I’ve tried dieting/calorie-counting and was successful for a time, but I was so strict that I couldn’t maintain it long-term. With my coach’s guidance, I’m trying different strategies for how to eat more mindfully and in a more balanced way. Less restriction and more structure. I realized my fear was getting so far behind with my physical fitness that I would never feel like myself again. I would try to start some sort of exercise, realize I didn’t feel the same, and then basically stop to avoid the truth that I had let some things go. But now, I see that with small attainable goals I CAN change, and I’m looking forward to seeing how far I can go. It wasn’t easy at first, and it didn’t happen overnight, but with support from Sarah I was able to find something that’s working. For me, having someone to be accountable to is invaluable. I really enjoy that I can talk out my goals with Sarah and then go in each day and check off what I’ve done. Knowing someone can see my progress helps me stay on track and not make excuses. However, I have never felt judged by my coach. She is 100% there to help me, not to shame me or make me feel bad for faults along the way. I wouldn’t be successful if that were the case.”


How has Sonic Boom and Coaching been a part of your journey? What would you tell people interested in coaching but maybe hesitant about joining?

“Frankly, I never thought a coach could help me, nor did I really want one. I just wanted to make sure I got my points for the quarter and was planning to move on. I’m a person who wants to handle things internally as opposed to externally. I didn’t grow up overweight, and I was physically active for a good portion of my life, so this wasn’t a lifelong struggle. I’m a person who knows what balanced eating and exercise is, I just couldn’t implement those things in my life at the time. Then, after the first conversation, I realized it was more of a support system and not a boot camp where they would provide me with overwhelming and unreachable goals. With Sarah’s guidance, I’m able to dictate what I want to achieve and ask questions or adjust along the way. I’m supported equally when I make big or small goals – everything is seen as progress. And when someone else can accept that, it makes it easier to accept that myself. Essentially, I am still handling things internally, but I have someone to check in with along the way.”


Is there anything you’d like to say to help inspire other Sonic Boomers? Tips, tricks, or motivation?

“Listen to your instincts and set small goals. You don’t lose weight and muscles don’t grow overnight, so why set goals like they do? I’m making more progress by slowly integrating change into my life than I ever did by setting big, sweeping goals. It’s a new routine instead of an extra burden each day. Choose a form of exercise you like! Especially in the beginning – it’s much easier to stick with something you like than to force yourself to do something you don’t. Some of the less fun (but necessary) stuff can come later when you’re more established in a routine. If you’re bad at self-starting, try something you don’t have to choose. I was terrible at picking daily workouts for myself, so I found a pre-set challenge to follow. Then I didn’t really have to think about what I was doing that day, I just had to show up and do it.”