“I grew up in the equine business, and most of that around rodeo and racehorses. I’ve always thought of weight as it relates to Jockeys, so as I got older and things started to “settle,” I knew I was never gonna be 120 again. After I was elected to my position as justice of the peace, things progressed rapidly, and I woke up one morning at a flat 209. As a result, I became interested in the healthy county programs (Sonic Boom).

The daily challenge is the part I keep up with mostly – I enjoy the information about different foods and different forms of exercise. I like that they sometimes discuss foods I’d never heard of – a lot of them I tried and enjoyed, some I continue to use.  Also, I enjoy the tips on exercise and health in general.

What worked best for me was the basic equation of “move more and eat less.” I’ve been up and down a few times, through radiation for prostate cancer and knee replacement surgeries. By keeping a food journal and exercising regularly, I’ve been able to stay just under 180 for the past year or so. Right now, I’m shootin’ for a full week at 175 … and when that happens, I’m havin’ a banana split. I enjoy the program and rarely miss a day of logging in.

My advice: Stay engaged, live intentionally and with a purpose.”