The support Sonic Boom Wellness provided for our sign-up event helped it become a huge success! One team member was especially helpful. We spent the 2-3 weeks prior preparing and planning for this sign-up event. On the morning of the event, we found out the sign-up and reset password option for the website was down. We made our first call into Sonic Boom. We were so discouraged, wondering if all of our efforts would come to a halt. Then, I spoke with a SBW team member on the phone, and what did she do? She was willing AND able to help every single time we called in, ensuring that every single person who wanted to sign up or sign in and needed to reset their password was able to access their account successfully. There was no, “Oh, let me look into it. I will call you back,” no “Here’s your ticket number, so sorry.” She helped every single one and even stayed on the phone with me while I would go hunt down team members who were on their break or lunch. She made my day, absolutely made my day. If it wasn’t for her, all of our efforts would have returned null. I am so very thankful for her.